Christmas Poll’s 2017

Well we are into the month before Christmas and radio is now adding lots of seasonal tunes to their stations. I always like to kick off the season with a poll to establish the top favorite Christmas songs of our time. I have some added in the poll below that you can click to vote for your fav or add a song in the comments, keep in mind any genre and any decade goes!!. Keep checking back to see who is winning and lets have some fun with this one!!



5 thoughts on “Christmas Poll’s 2017

  1. Ron, I’m like you, and being in Radio is a very hectic season. I put up my outside lights next weekend, although I don’t turn them on until December 1st. My shortage of weekends, lots of Christmas parades and everything else in no way means I’m disrespecting veterans.

    • Thanks for your post Darlene, it do get overwhelming in December when my time is limited so no is a good time to start.. Am sure my Grandfather would not have a issue with it either.

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