Baccalieu Trail signage needs to be on par with the rest of the province.

Hey all, it’s been a long time since I have actually ranted. I just drove across this beautiful province. It is indeed beautiful , and should be promoted. For those that know me I have been a promoter of all thing s NL for a long time. I also like when each region gets its fair shake, but I feel the Baccalieu Trail are not when it come to signage. I get irritated when traveling as see all the way find signage for each region, but not ours. I am sure it is a over sight and not trying to pick a fight as I am part of the industry, but , it is disheartening when I see so much emphasis on other regions.

The Baccalieu Trail is one of the most historical regions in the province. How about this>>>>
Amelia Earhart , Bob Barlett , Winston Churchill, FDR, Ted Russell, David French, Wooden Boat Museum, Rorke Store , Grates Cove, Shore Line Heritage Walking Trail, Stone Jug building, Peter Easton, John Guy, just to name a few. What an amazing place to visit. Signage is king, and we need it . IMG_2018

I applaud all these signs but where is ours!!


Every region I drove through had these way find signs, but not the Baccalieu !!!!


It is time we have ours…..we are as significant as all the rest. Please like and share this blog. The Baccalieu Trail is amazing and world class…. I will be kicking it up a notch this year… as nice as the other places are….we are just as amazing. It is time to show off people…..

Baccalieu Rocks and it is time everyone realizes it.!!!

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