New CD Release from my brother Barry

Its been awhile since I have posted on Delaney’s Rant , but I am happy to post this blog about my bro Barry. For those of you who do not know Barry ; he is a gifted songwriter and story teller. I have been listening to his creations for years and have to say I am one of his biggest fans. Barry’s first songs appeared on the CD Erin’s Call, a self titled project that was released in 2002. A great deal of Barry’s songs are featured on this CD including the popular Widow’s Walk. He also released a Christmas CD a couple years ago, Let the Bells Ring , all original, which is refreshing.

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Original music writing in my opinion is a art. For a writer to take you on a musical journey , keep your attention and do so in two or three minutes is also a gift. Barry’s new CD , Stories I Tell is packed with original’s  to captivate your imagination and of course , take you on a journey.

If you do not wish to wait until the CD is released in stores, you can buy it now on CD Baby

Below is the cover of the new CD and release notes. Enjoy!!

Barry Delaney  has released another studio album entitled “Stories I Tell” The album is a blend of ballads mixed with the occasional foot stomper!  There are 15 tracks 10 of which were written by Barry.  He has also included the song “Widow’s Walk” as a bonus track.  This song was recorded with Erin’s Call and also featured on Home Brew 4. Barry wanted to re-release the song as a bonus.  This album is off the heels of his Christmas album released in 2014, “Let the Bells Ring” and is once again distributed by Downhome Distribution.  The CD is available where most music is sold.  The album will also be digitally distributed and available by most distributors including, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc.  The album will also be available out of hand through Barry and available through his website, or via email at .  Barry is very excited to share this music with you and hopes that you can relax and enjoy the stories he tells.



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