Still plenty of Christmas left , and Happy New Year Everyone!!

HI all, I guess the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season got to me and I did not get to blog very much! Sometimes the preparation for the season can be a bit overwhelming. There comes a time when you need to just step back , ponder the year (and season), embrace the new memories you are making and enjoy. I am enjoying my holidays and finally have some time to write a few lines and show a few pictures of my Christmas so far.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are very busy for the Delaney Family. It is filled with final preparations, packing up the car, stopping to visit my Grandmother and Grandfathers grave to share a drink with them. (Well actually Pop as Nan did not drink.) It is a tradition started years ago that is still very much part of Christmas for us. Then it is off to my wife’s Lisa’s family’s home for a Christmas Eve celebration that I have be part of for 29 years. It is a special evening to visit with the Noel clan, to catch up on the family happenings, see our nieces and nephews and the great nieces and nephew.


After the short drive back to Bay Roberts it was time to relax by the Christmas tree and get excited for the arrival of Santa.


The next morning the children open their presents with excitement, there is time for them to spend with their gifts but soon it is time for Christmas Dinner at Nan and Pop Delaney’s!!


It is always nice to get back to the River and spend time with the family, the smell of Turkey and all the fixings greeted us before we even opened the door. We spent the afternoon eating, having a toddy or two, opening some gifts and enjoying good company. Afterwards it was off to visit Uncle Ken’s, the kids love visiting Ken’s because he has the largest assortment of candies and chocolates they have ever seen!!

Nan Delaney’s Blueberry duff was wonderful!!


As it was getting dark it was time to head home to Bay Roberts and we were getting ready to start a new family tradition, Christmas night in the hot tub!!!

The following night (Boxing Day) we even have a special visitor to the tub, I guess he earned a relaxing soak LOL!!

Merry Christmas Santa!!! Thanks to Lisa and Marie for being great sports!!



Now it is New Years Day and in Newfoundland and Labrador (and I am sure in other places) Christmas is still upon us and will remain till Old Christmas Day , January 6th. So there is plenty of time to celebrate and observe the season .

Who knows, maybe we will see a Janney or two!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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