Happy Tibbs Eve 2015

Good morning everyone!! For those of you who know me , Tibbs Eve is a special day for me and the Hurdle/Delaney Clan . It has been for generations. My grandfather and his family has observed the 23rd of December for decades. it was a time of sampling and ensuring all preparations for Christmas were taken care of. That included ensuring the baking was done, various rooms in the house were painted (the smell of fresh paint always reminded me of Christmas), plenty of food was on hand and of course ensuring there was plenty to drink.
Nanny Delaney (mom) showing us some of her Christmas treats, snow balls and homemade marshmallow squares!

As a child , I remember going down town Hr. Grace NL with some of my siblings, taking pop to run his errands. These were exciting times as we knew that in only days the big fellow would be here and more immediately , we knew that when we went back to nan and pops there would be sampling. As children, it was a chance to taste purity syrup and Christmas cake, but in later years there was a chance for a “dram” of liquor (Lambs Palm Breeze) in a small legion glass.


Pops favorite was Lamb’s Palm Breeze, a Newfoundland favorite.

Today, this celebration has kind of exploded into a new tradition for many, they have been introduced to another part of our culture. I hope they celebrate it in the means for what I think it was intended, to prepare, make sure all is right and get your heart ready to accept and welcome Christmas.

Happy Tibbs Eve and Merry Christmas to you and yours.




One thought on “Happy Tibbs Eve 2015

  1. Happy eve of the 23rd to you and your family RON !! I know how much you all love Christmas!! May you all be blessed with happiness and health and lots of family
    The best to you all !!!
    Your Cib blooming friend

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