Happy 50th Anniversary to my wonderful parents (its moms birthday too!!)

I have been waiting for a few years to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary for many reasons. Firstly it is a testament of their love, devotion and yes patience for one another. Love and devotion are obvious, it is what we signed on for when we all shared our vows, but the patience part is to tolerate and accept that we are not all perfect and sometimes there are ups and downs. I am assuming everyone has ups and downs in their relationships, for those who say they do not are either lying or just recently married (LOL). What makes a relationship work for 50+ years is having a firm foundation, a deep love, and true commitment to your partner you both need to be able to tolerate, accept and in some cases, forgive, especially after an argument. Sometimes it is too easy to call it quits in a relationship (I know sometimes it is necessary) but it makes those who can reach this milestone heroes and people to look up to. I look up to my mother and father for celebrating 50 years of marriage, for raising 5 children and for loving and spoiling (in a good way) 6 grandchildren.

Mom and Dad are a wonderful, kind-hearted couple who have supported us throughout our lives, it is comforting to know they are there, I appreciate it and even treasure it while I can. I looked around the hall last Saturday evening seeing their friends and our family celebrate, it was special and I thank everyone for coming and being part of our Delaney history.


I would like to thank my sister Tanya for taking the lead role in making this happen. she put tremendous energy in all the fine details as well as the big ones ensuring everyone was invited , cake was ordered, decorations were ready, siblings were prepared, thanks so much Tanya. Thanks Gerard for the music, Ken for the amazing food (especially the chilli !!) Barry of course for the tunes and the craic.

Mom and Dads Wedding Day 50 years ago

Mom and Dads Wedding Day 50 years ago


Fifty years later cutting their cake , God love them !!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad and Happy Birthday Mom!!! Looking forward to celebrating many more!!!

We love you!!