60 Years and two wonderful people!!

Marriage is a sacred and special bond that is shared between two persons who unconditionally devote themselves to each other. For me and my wife Lisa, we will be enjoying 22 years of marriage in August and have been grateful for each year that we shared that bond. Having said that, my mother and father in law have set the bar high; today is their 60th Wedding Anniversary. They are the pillars of the Noel family, the link between, in my opinion, plenty of awesome people. Their guidance, support, and friendship have been unfaltering and have helped shape us all.  I have enjoyed their friendship since I have been visiting their Valley Road home for over 30 years!!

Mom and Dad in Law, Albert and Bessie Noel always have their Irish on when they some for the party!
Mom and Dad in Law, Albert and Bessie Noel always have their Irish on when they come for the St. Patrick’s Day party!

They have a unique zest for life and are always up for a bit of fun as is illustrated in the picture above. Their passion for embracing life is  and will always be infectious. They help make us better people, they dissipate our inhibitions to celebrate and just be ourselves.  I first felt this when I  had the privilege of meeting both their mothers many years ago….I can remember Lisa  whispering …..ya got to give nan a kiss…..and when I did I have to say it had a therapeutic affect on me. Since then I have no issue in kissing and hugging those in my extended family as they are all loving and connected.

This is just a few words to say how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to be part of a wonderful family and this is my chance to say a heartfelt HAPPY anniversary to TWO wonderful people….who produced an amazing daughter ……..looking forward to your 70th!!!!

                               Thank you Maggie for making a awesome poster!!
Juanita Tobin did a amazing job on this cake and cupcake display!!!
Thanks to Juanita Tobin who did an amazing job on this cake and cupcake display!!!

One thought on “60 Years and two wonderful people!!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both ! Two truly wonderful people who have created an amazing family. So very welcoming and “comfortable” to be around. 60 years is an awesome milestone and here’s to many more…cheers !

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