Jim McCann, the legend and the legacy RIP


If there ever was a man that I would have loved to meet at this point of my life it would have been Jim McCann. I have been a fan of Irish music all of my adult life and I do have many musicians and singers from Ireland that I appreciate. For some reason, for which I am not sure of, I did not have many recordings of Jim, even when he was with the Dubliners. I really only gained a greater knowledge of him through YouTube some years back. These days I do have plenty of recordings and video links, all of which are amazing. I can remember years ago (not that many) I took great delight finding more and more YouTube videos of Jim, some with the Dubliners but most on his own as a solo artist. He always showed passion for his music but a mischievous smile was not far behind. I had always envisioned him being much younger than he was (close to my age even), and when reality kicked in there was an extreme feeling of melancholy.


The voice

Jim McCann had a unique voice in my opinion, clear, rich, structured, not a voice of your average pub singer (love pub singers though!).  I was saddened to find out that later in his career it was taken away from him as a result from his treatments from throat cancer. He had an amazing career and was a son of Ireland in many ways I could write more about his accomplishment but I think watching him says it all.

What a man of character, I would of lost it but he kept going!!

Here is a complete and heartfelt rendition of Meet Me at the Pillar


About a year ago I started compiling a blog to toast Jim, I regret it was never completed. Some of his YouTube offerings are posted on this blog, it is hard to explain how someone I never met had (has) such a huge effect on me. I read  a few articles that upon his 70th Birthday he reflected on things he regretted not doing, like finishing a book.

His words have left an impact on me, it made me reflect on things unfinished, Jim made me realize that I need to ensure a chapter has an opportunity to end and to seize the day and cherish it, I just wonder for Jim was it too late.

Here is a interview from Jim on his 70th birthday, for me it says it all , that you to the Irish Independent http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/jim-mccann-im-70-today-and-its-a-happy-birthday-if-tinged-with-melancholy-30693121.html

Jim Has left a unintentional legacy with me, to treasure and embrace and enjoy life .


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