Final decorations and TIBBS EVE!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tibb’s Eve Everyone!!!

Delaney's Rant Christmas

Hi all,

I am dusting off this blog as it gives a good description of Tibb’s Eve. A special time to be with friends and family and and give a toast to the past.

Ok, I was not sure if I would get the opportunity to post another blog, especially since I did post one a short while ago. Well, I just finished decorating my house and my buddy Perry’s, I guess as you can see from the picture we did take a chance to warm up and talk about the season. I really look forward to decorating every year since I came to Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts.

Ron and Perry

While finishing the lights, I mentioned to Perry about our custom in Riverhead, Hr. Grace to celebrate “Tibb’s Eve” which is tomorrow (December 23rd). Historically, it is a observance that has been around for a great deal of time, for…

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New Christmas releases you have to hear. (especially my Brother Barry’s project!!!)

Happy Christmas to you all!!

Although I have been very active on my blog’s Christmas edition, posting pictures, YouTube videos, submitting recipes and added a guest blog,  I still have not started my Yuletide blogs and for that I apologize!! I always play Christmas music much earlier than most and I do not apologize for that. This year has been extra special as I finally released a Christmas single (Scarlet Ribbon’s) which I had a blast recording with the talented Dave Fitzpatrick (of Simmons, Fitz and Wiseman and the Fables). I am also very excited that my brother Barry has released a full length Christmas project!!

Erin's Call

Barry and I both were members of the Celtic Band Erin’s Call and released a CD in 2002. I mention this because although there were many covers on the CD, there were also some amazing original’s written by my talented brother.  Some of these songs, 12 years later are still being played on the radio like Widow’s Walk, Erin’s Call and of course one of the most  requested Christmas songs in our region (province), Christmas in the River. Each year I receive emails and phone calls for these songs and to ask if we were ever going back in the studio. For the time being we have no intentions of doing so as a group, so it was great that Barry decided to take on this project and write a full Christmas CD of originals.

Cover photo for advertising

Let the Bell’s Ring!!

The CD is called, “Let the Bells Ring”, it is a collection of songs Barry has written over the years, it honestly takes you on a musical journey. I recommend sitting back on a quiet evening, with a little “drinkiepoo” and relax and have a listen to the CD from start to finish.  Although I do enjoy all the songs on the CD, a couple are worth noting, Heading Home For Christmas, I asked Barry about this song and his reply was… is written from the perspective of a guy working in Alberta and how  he gets to come home for Christmas.  It’s the thoughts in his mind as he makes his way closer to his family while traveling). (The melody is beautiful.)

The second one I will comment on is Prince of Peace, my niece Emma Jane sings this one; it is about the birth of the Christ Child. Her voice is beautiful and well suited for this song (she has the voice of an angel). I am looking forward to listening to Emma-Jane for years to come!!

The good news for those looking for this CD is that it is available at Costco, Domehome Shop St. John’s, Fred’s on Duckworth Street,  VIC in Bay Roberts, and Riverhead Irving in “Da River” and various places in Marystown. It is also available on ITunes, Amazon, and CD baby. To have a listen to sound bits of each of Barry’s songs please visit

I would be remiss if I did not mention that a bonus track on “Let the Bells Ring” is Erin’s Call’s Christmas in the River (written by Barry).

For those of you, who find your Christmas music on radio, please request some of Barry’s music and my version of Scarlet Ribbons.


Lastly, I am happy that Blue Rodeo has released a Christmas CD, my favorite on the Yuletide offering is Home to You This Christmas, I also like Joni Mitchell’s , River, this is a Cd well worth having this Christmas.