Remembrance Day and my Grandfather Arthur Hurdle

Today is a day of reflection, to pay respect in our own way to those who fought to protect us. Although November 11th is a specific day to honor those brave men, women (and animals), I find myself thinking about them throughout the year. History is making itself every day, we can now watch it with ease, the media are very quick to report the happenings all over the world. You can’t help but think about those soldiers who are currently there, what is going through their minds, and of course what is going through the minds of their love ones. I pass a War memorial every day as I travel to work; it serves as a reminder of those that are gone, those who have served and the men and women currently serving.

Picture of my grandfather Photo scanned by Aunt Doreen Bennett
Picture of my grandfather
Photo scanned by Aunt Doreen Bennett

My grandfather, Arthur Hurdle fought in WW2, he enlisted under the British Navy, and we were lucky enough that he made it home safely. Ironically enough today marks his birthday (he would have been 95). He was not a man who wished to discuss the events of the war, but did talk of the good times while on leave. My uncle posted on Facebook today that pop survived two torpedo strikes, which sunk both vessels during the war. I also know he contracted Malaria while serving in the Middle East. (I am sure some of my Aunts and Uncles can certain fill in more information on his life.)
As a boy I was always fascinated by pops tattoos and how he would describe how they were all done by hand with bamboo needles and Indian ink. He was also a gifted music man, I loved to watch him play the accordion and harmonica and if he was in the mood tap dance (he was a very technical tap dancer). What impressed me the most was on November 11th each year he would put on his legion uniform and place all his medals on. I can still hear the clinking of the medals and watch nan make sure all was ready before the ceremony.
Happy Birthday Pop (miss you)
Lest we forget


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