Halloween 2014 …a Love and Hate opinion by me….

I kind of have a love / hate opinion of this spooky time of year. The good, is my memories of trick or treating as a child, of kids parties, dressing up for school and of course knocking door to door. We always traveled as a group (during adolescence) and finished up by St. Joseph’s School in Riverhead Hr. Grace. There used to be a large set of steps leading up to the second floor of the school, we would all sit there and trade treats. As far as I know we did not create any mischief, certainly not physically to anyone’s property. (Here comes the hate) I despise people taking the season in a different context and decide to damage other people’s property and blatantly show disrespect. Through the smiles and giving out treats to excited children, we have to be mindful of those who take to the streets speeding or traveling in groups, smashing pumpkins as well as other personal property. For the most part, this is this is not wide spread by no means, but it only takes a rotten apple or two to spoil a barrel.

Our wonderful volunteer team before the vandalism . (gazebo looked great)
Our wonderful volunteer team before the vandalism . (gazebo looked great)

Last evening, after a very successful Halloween Lantern Tour in our community, someone decided to vandalize the gazebo portion of our Halloween Park (as well as the pumpkin scarecrows). I really do not know what gets into the minds of those who feel the need to destroy something that is a family tradition in Bay Roberts. Hundreds visit the park each year to celebrate the season, take pictures or come for the tours. To say the least I, along with many others are disappointed, but take note, the park is open and still ready to greet residents and visitors over the coming days.B1NhPU1CEAEpV9Q
Now that I have that out of my system, it is still only of my favorite times of year, (especially the horror movies! Please be safe and enjoy this spooky time of year.


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