Happy Thanksgiving 2014….I am a lucky man

Photo credit Margaret Ayad
Photo credit Margaret Ayad

In a world that moves at such a fast pace, most of us rarely take the time and pause and reflect on the things we should be thankful for. We go about our day to day activities really not giving too much thought about it. The observance of Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to stop and consider our situation in life, who we share it with, who helps complete us, who supports us. It is an opportunity to count our blessing,s memorize those people who mean the world to us.

I am thankful for so much. I live in a wonderful country that is diverse but distinctive, I live in an amazing province with wonderful culture and passion for who we are. I live in a wonderful community where we are ever evolving but grounded in the principles of our forefathers (and mothers).
As much as I am proud of where I live, I give thanks and blessings for my family. I feel as if I am the luckiest person on earth, I have a wonderful wife who supports me, even with all my ideas, dreams and faults (yes I have some, lol) and two amazing children who make my life better every day. We are a family unit, we share this part of our lives together, I am thankful for that. I do know that our children will grow up and leave the house, but I hope we instilled in them that they will never leave our home, they will always be a part of it.

I would be remise if I did not mention that I am very thankful for my parents and my brothers and sister. Growing up in Riverhead, Hr. Grace was always a gift, I have so many memories of the town and my family. I also give thanks to my in-laws, they shaped a wonderful woman who became my bride (and deserves a medal LOL!!)

I always like to mention a personal observation, I like to do it when family and friends are gathered…..look to the right, look to the left, look across the table….close your eyes and smile, and remember how it is, that very second….memorise it….so you can recollect it in years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and God bless

I love this , we will be cooking baby back ribs for Thanksgiving!!
I love this , we will be cooking baby back ribs for Thanksgiving!!

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