“Fall” In Love with Bay Roberts This Autumn 2014!!

The town of Bay Roberts has developed a tourism/marketing program in support of the business community during the shoulder season. The concept is driven by the many tourism assets the community has to offer, tangible and intangible. It is a celebration of the autumn season, of our culture, food and music.

In the years to come I would like this concept adapted by other communities and regions, it will benefit our economy but will also offer a unique platform to showcase who we are and what we have to offer during the shoulder season.

For those interested, I am adding the rationale to the “Fall in Love with Bay Roberts” program as well is some information about the many events that will be taking place over the coming weeks. I welcome anyone who would like to discuss how you , your association, business or community can get involved.

“Fall” In Love with Bay Roberts This Autumn

Rationale: To develop and shoulder season tourism event that will meet the needs of those tourists who visit Bay Roberts this autumn; in support of our local business community, especially the boutique, speciality stores and restaurants.

Tourism assets: The Bay Roberts’  Tourism, Economic Development  and Special Events Committee’s , as well as the Cultural Foundation , Historical Society and Royal Canadian Legion have developed many events to celebrate the Fall season, using our municipal assets (including many volunteers)to create an autumn “micro destination” on the Baccalieu Trail:

  • Toutons and Tunes Guided Hike, Bay Roberts Shoreline Trail (Sundays @ 2pm)
  • Bay Roberts Visitors Pavilion (programs throughout the season)
  • Cable Building and Christopher Pratt Art Gallery (Wednesday afternoons)
  • 5th Annual Bay Roberts Pumpkin Festival
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Bay Roberts Halloween Park ( lantern tours)
  • Food demonstrations
  • Wine and cheese tasting
  • Guest chef visitations
  • Bon Fire Community Campfire and BBQ
  • Community Craft and Farmers Market
  • Remembrance Day Parade
  • Church and Community events

Business promotion and participation:

There will be an advertising campaign to invite residents and tourists to explore the tourism assets and visit the participating businesses for special discounts for the autumn season.

Participating businesses will have a special poster displayed to identify them as involved in this campaign. The town will help promote this with various advertising streams, the businesses may opt to advertise as well to strengthen the marketing brand (“Fall” in love with Bay Roberts this Autumn) for years to come.

poster 2014-v8-sm993815_965537326796428_8742028850814934733_n


I want to add this poster as well for the people of Green’s Harbour, this is a great cause and only a 20 minute drive!!




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