Litter RANT!! …………….Why litter? Litter is still a major issue in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

I am not really sure what’s it going to take to get through to people who have no regard for their communities and the environment. Every day I see litter scattered on road sides, in ditches, recreation facilities and tourist attractions. From fast food containers, to coffee cups and the dreaded cigarette butts. (Yes cigarette butts are litter people!!, oh, and so are banana’s!!…nasty). It baffles me to see a freshly thrown coffee cup rolling around on the pavement when it could be been placed in a garbage bag in their car. The litter problem has to be taken serious, and those witnessing the litter bugs in action need to report the person.

Is there a solution?
• Report Report Report!!
• Heavy fines!!
• In the case of the fast food and coffee litterers how about a bar code on the coffee cup that links to your licence plate or your picture? Maybe in time something as extreme and intrusive may be needed.
• DNA? Finger prints?!

In Bay Roberts we installed new steps to the “Three Sisters” beach area, the morning after they were installed I found new coffee cups down there. So my question is…… why visit an area of beauty if you are going to leave garbage behind for the next person to look at? It is disgusting and disrespectful!!
It is time for us to take litter seriously, it is time to have pride in your community and environment.

Fresh coffee cup on the beach at "Three Sisters" thanks to lazy litterers!!
Fresh coffee cup on the beach at “Three Sisters” thanks to lazy litterers!!

Litter is an issue that we all need to play a role in fighting, I remember watching the news as a teenage as they reported about the litter in Newfoundland and Labrador. 25 plus years later I would of thought that this should not be a issue by now, but I feel the problem is not going away. That is sad….please make a difference.


6 thoughts on “Litter RANT!! …………….Why litter? Litter is still a major issue in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

  1. Yes Ron it’s absolutely disgusting! The Bay Arena is a prime example, we have had this problem for has long as I can remember, and not once have anyone been given a fine, we take so much pride in keeping the building in top notch condition. The workers clean up outside only to go back the next day same thing, it’s a losing battle….

  2. How does everyone feel about the new litter? The red flyer bag being throw around people’s doors. It’s terrible to drive up the street and see these bags lying on the ground everywhere. Does that bother anyone else?

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