Global Warming in Newfoundland and Labrador?

If someone was to ask me about global warming in NL lately I would tell them they were crazy, it seems to me it is actually getting colder!! This cold, wet, gloomy and even snowy weather is a real downer (in my opinion), I took this week off to relax and get some work done around the house. Around the house meaning outside, a little yard work and tiding up, but she it is not fit to put your dog out even.

Photo credit Margaret Ayad, (I hope they made it)
Photo credit Margaret Ayad, (I hope they made it)

During Easter, there was a glimmer of hope, it seemed to get warmer, my friend Margaret Ayad was posting pictures of birds and crocus’s getting ready to bloom. I wonder if they ever got to, the weather has turned and the opportunity for the dreaded frost is still a possibility.
Photo credit, Victoria Munavish. Iceberg off the coast of Bay Roberts, NL, Canada
Photo credit, Victoria Munavish. Iceberg off the coast of Bay Roberts, NL, Canada

Some blame it on the icebergs, because it is too early for the caplin, that’s June’s cold weather excuse. I am sure the bergs are cold, but certainly can’t give all the credit to them. Some like to blame Brian Walsh, Eddie Sheer or Ryan Snoddon but these guys are only doing their job in this competitive world of a weather man. Bob Lewis use to tell us about the weather after supper every night (I always wanted to write on that weather map). Today it is high tech, with radar images, patterns, models, twitter posts and of course blogs, all fighting to give us the information we want quickly. In NL they are sort of rock stars, we wait for the word, sun or rain, hot or cold, mostly we are disappointed, especially this month.
Is there global warming? I guess so, I see it on the news, huge glaciers crumbling into the sea, poor old polar bears looking for a place to go. Species of fish and birds travelling farther north, because it is warmer….well not this month. I do hear the chickadee calling in the distance, this gives me hope, and I do see a little blue sky coming towards me as I write.
All this ranting reminds me of some of the Newfoundland and Labrador sayings I use to hear while growing up in rural NL (still discovering some). Below is some examples, click on the ones you remember or add a new one, it seems they vary from region to region.

This poll celebrates our unique language and dialect, remember, if you know of others please add them!!


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