There was something in the air last night……….

I am sure most of you out there have a favorite ABBA song you like to hum or sing along with. ABBA’s music was and still is, infectious, in a good way I might ad. Although they are parted ways their music lives on, on the radio, tv, Broadway and for the lucky ones in Bay Roberts in the form of a tribute show. We had three days of ABBA in Bay Roberts and hats off to all involved! The ambiance was great, the food was nice and the show was amazing, here in. Robert Rowe, Rod and Joanne and their team have really found their niche, blending food, music and certainly the physical setting, it makes for a winning combination!

Janet Cull and Dana Parsons voices blended very well together!
Janet Cull and Dana Parsons voices blended very well together!

The performers…..
The music for the evening was as good as it gets, Dana Parsons, Janet Cull, Brian Way, Sandy Morris, and Heather Kao were outstanding. I will be keeping watch for the next time they return!
Steak was tasty , and what's great with steak? BACON!!
Steak was tasty , and what’s great with steak? BACON!!

The Food…..
I like good food, wine, music, and friends and of course family, the evening had it all. I was impressed with my steak, it was cooked as I requested and paired well with my wine.
Final thoughts….
In the tourism industry we spend a great deal of time planning for summer events, it is the high season. More effort should be made in rural NL to have and support more events during the off season like this tribute show. It was a top notch evening and certainly well worth the money. So I say, thank you for the music and giving it to me….


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