St. Patrick’s Day 2014 is quickly approaching!!!

For those of you who know me, you guys and gals know I love St. Patrick’s Day, it is a day (weekend or week for some) to celebrate Ireland in all its glory. Ireland has a rich past, of food, music, culture and of course turbulent history. They are survivors and passionate about most things. I am proud of my heritage and enjoy the opportunity to share it with my family and friends. I have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for decades it is a fun thing to do, we ensure there is plenty of food, music, family and fellowship! My wife Lisa enjoys creating various games for all to take part in, and of course I like playing the largest Leprechaun in Bay Roberts (or Newfoundland and Labrador for that matter).
I posted a photo blog a few days back with a few pictures of my visit to the Emerald Isle with the Avalon North Wolverines. It was a life time experience with many opportunities to see things the ordinary visitor might not get the chance to see. I want to share some more pictures with you over the next few days and then invite you to my food blog ( ) to explore some pictures of the food of Ireland and some recipes I have picked up along the way.
It’s my hope that in one way or another, you get your Irish on over the next few days and enjoy a wonderful culture that has helped form our wonderful province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Doolin, Ireland, an amazing little town that I will never forget.
Doolin, Ireland, an amazing little town that I will never forget.

An amazing discovery, after the fact

During our visit to Doolin we met some wonderful people, especially from their Coast Guard group. On a couple occasion’s we had the opportunity to sit and have a pint, during one of those times we sat with a man who was very spirited about search and rescue , he was indeed one of the boy’s. On his departure he shook hands with us and wished us well. I happened to mention what a nice guy he seemed to be, another from his SAR group commented…you did not recognize who he was did you? I have to admit I did not, I was so wrapped up in the atmosphere I suppose. He said, that’s Davy Spillane, I was floored, firstly I could not believe I did not recognize him, and secondly I did not get a chance to ask him some questions (well maybe that might of been a good thing LOL).
For most of you who do not know his work, well you do, at least most of you. If you have seen the movies Rob Roy, Michael Collins or if you were a fan of Riverdance then you know his work. It was actually nice to talk to the man without knowing he is a celebrated musician and producer, He is a gentleman and a dedicated volunteer. Maybe someday our paths my cross again, but for now, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day here is Davy playing Midnight Walker on his Uillean Pipe, it is simply amazing.


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