Getting Bay Roberts Ready for Power Outages and Emergencies

Last year I posted a blog on “Who is going to keep them warm” , the main component of the blog is evident; there are people in our community who are cold during power outages. Since that blog the town of Bay Roberts Emergency Preparedness Committee has given this issue serious consideration and has included dealing with the loss of residential power into the emergency plan. A sub-committee is being assembled to identify partners who have the capability to open warming centres during prolonged power outages. These centres will eventually be equipped to shelter large numbers of people for various emergencies that may occur.

Site of the 1st Bay Roberts Warming Centre, thanks to the Wolverines
Site of the 1st Bay Roberts Warming Centre, thanks to the Wolverines

Last evening, January 2, 2014, our province had to deal with roaming power outages to conserve electricity; some homes were without power for a few minutes but others for over 5 hours. Armed with the news of roaming power outages it was an excellent opportunity to test Bay Roberts’ first “Warming Centre” The Avalon North Search and Rescue Building. The facility is totally equipped to keep a large number of people warm during outages and was ready and operational thanks to the Wolverines. David Noseworthy and Geoff Roach ensured the facility was ready to greet those in need (they even had the kettle on). (This centre is operated totally by the Avalon North Search and Rescue)
Over the next few weeks, we will be ensuring everyone is informed about this and other warming centres. If you know of any organizations or building that would like to take on the role of a warming center please contact me (Ron Delaney @ 786 2126 or e-mail )
88.5 FM Bay Roberts Emergency Radio

Communication is vital during any emergency; the town of Bay Roberts will launch its emergency radio station today to ensure accurate information can be given to its residents. There will be a streaming message that will give important contact numbers and information including the following:
RCMP 786-2118
Fire Department 786-6666
Municipal Enforcement Officer 683-4747
Town of Bay Roberts 786-2126
NL Power 1-800-474-5711
Ambulance 786-5300
Avalon North Search and Rescue 786-5444 (Wolverines warming centre if needed)

During major emergencies 88.5 will be posting live updates especially when other communication devises are not working. Please pass this information on to your friends and family so they can be informed.
The Bay Roberts Emergency Preparedness Committee will be compiling a seniors list for seniors citizens who may be in need during power outages, if you know anyone who should be on this list or if you have someone to add please contact me at the above number.

Special notice: Due to the amount of snow and extreme weather condition Bay Roberts Curb Side Recycling Program will not be launching until January 20th, 2014.


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