Tibbs Eve 2013

Happy Tibbs Eve everyone!! This is a special day for many people here in Newfoundland and Labrador, especially us Baymen. For generations Tibbs Eve has been celebrated in rural NL, but over the past few years it has crept into the cities, spoke of on radio shows and even pubs are having their own celebration. I do feel this is all good as it is getting the meaning of the tradition promoted and celebrated by new participants. The tradition is open to many interpretations, for my grandfather it was time (in the early years) to get home from being away working, to ensure all preparations are good to go for the celebration of Christmas. To ensure this, Tibbs Eve was a day of sampling, spirits, food, and dusting off a musical instrument, Pop was a very good accordion and harmonica player.

One of my Christmas favorites!! Photo by www.mama-know.com
One of my Christmas favorites!!
Photo by http://www.mama-know.com

I remember visiting Nan and Pop just as soon as pop returned with my uncles from getting the provisions. The smell of freshly baked fruit cakes and raisin bread would put a smile on your just as you entered (you could also smell the fresh paint, an annual tradition too). We always got to taste what Nan was making, one of my favorites was the fruit cake, Aunt Bonita made a tasty tomato soup fruit cake.

Pops favorite was Lamb's Palm Breeze, a Newfoundland favorite.
Pops favorite was Lamb’s Palm Breeze, a Newfoundland favorite.

In later years it was our turn to take Pop shopping and of course come back for the “sampling” , I still had a little cake but was always anxious to try a little dram of rum in a legion glass. It was only a taste and it did have to be kept for the Christmas season, the full 12 days of Christmas, there was no commercialization in Nan and Pops house.
However you wish to observe this day of final preparation and sampling do so with gratification, that you are ready, ready to celebrate this holy season.
Happy Tibbs Eve


5 thoughts on “Tibbs Eve 2013

    1. Keep the blogs coming over the break! Tibb’s eve is becoming special in our traditions as well! I love the story of how your grand parents house was on Tibb’s!! Enjoy the season!

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