Finding Christmas

Maggie and Kaegan a few years back visiting Nan and Pop Noels Nativity, a special memory
Maggie and Kaegan a few years back visiting Nan and Pop Noels Nativity, a special memory

Most of us have fond memories of Christmas: a favorite song, a memorable event, a special family member or an unforgettable present. We try to keep these in our hearts and of course they help us get that warm and cozy feeling for the season.
For me, I think Christmas appeals to the senses; my memories are triggered by sights, smells, tastes and sounds. It is funny I guess, but the smell of fresh paint any time of year makes me think of Christmas preparations at my grandparents’ house, regardless if it was needed or not there was always a fresh coat of paint for the kitchen. Other smells would include purity syrup, evergreen branches, chimney smoke, fruit cake and homemade baked bread. Sounds that make me think of Christmas would have to be choirs, Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Perry Como, and Paul McCartney just to name a few (yes I love the oldies!!). Snow crunching under my feet on a bitterly cold evening makes me think of Christmas. Flickering lights, snow and the excitement on children’s faces all bring a smile to my face and remind me of past Christmases. Those who do believe in all aspects of Christmas like to rekindle these memories and “Find Christmas”. When we find Christmas, it makes us happy; it brings us (at least me) to a place of contentment and peace. Stress caused by the commercialism disappears and we are in it for the right reasons, to celebrate!
Finding Christmas in the Fishermans Shed on the Shoreline Walk
Finding Christmas in the Fishermans Shed on the Shoreline Walk

Last year I wanted to create an evening that would give participants the opportunity to “find” their inner Christmas. The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation hosted this event at the Fisherman’s Shed on the Heritage Walking Trail. The Red Fisherman’s Shed was the setting for an amazing evening of songs, poems, stories and fellowship. It was and is a perfect venue for such an event. One of the most special parts of the evening was when the participants shared stories of Christmas’s past, I personally found them interesting, but for my two children, these stories opened a portal to the past, to simpler days, it gave them a view of a different Christmas.

We were supposed to host another one of these events this year, but due the weather we had to cancel (we had to cancel it due to schedule conflicts.)
Even though it did not go ahead this year, here is my description of the concept behind “Finding Christmas” as well as a opening prayer from our friend Rick Olsen.

Here is a segment from YouTube of me singing The First Noel @ “Finding Christmas 2012”

I hope that during this festive time of year you all find your inner Christmas and create lasting memories for you and those around you.
Merry Christmas!


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