Happy Halloween 2013 !!!!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, firstly because I like autumn, and secondly because I like the planning of Halloween. Children and adults (who participate) plan their costumes, the decorations for their homes and what tricks or treats will be given at the door. All this makes for a nice time of year, especially the spooky movies!! I usually do not stray away much from the Food Network in my daily life, but this time of year I like to find as many horror movies to record for when I have the time to watch them, which is usually when everyone is gone to bed. I like the suspense, and anticipation of the unexpected, even though I have seen most of the good ones before. A movie I would like to recommend that is (in my opinion) a little different than most is the “Skeleton Key” staring Kate Hudson. This movie do not have masked people with knives or chain saws, nor do it have zombies and vampires, all I am gonna say is find it and watch it.

Halloween Radio
There are plenty of Halloween stations out there to help us celebrate today, some with noises and frightening laughter, others with Oldies Halloween tunes (like the Witch Doctor) and then there are some that are dedicated to children’s music. Here is the link to the station I play outside our house every Halloween, http://www.munchkinradio.com/
Safety Tips for tonight via the RCMP

Special thanks go out to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for sending out these tips to ensure those of you who are partying tonight has a great Halloween experience.

If you are planning a weekend of ghoulishly-good and frightful-fun at Halloween parties then you will want to keep these safety tips in mind to avoid a hair-raising experience.

– Make sure to use the buddy system while at a party. Stay with at least one of your friends at all times, especially if don’t know many people.
– Be cautious of underage drinking, or any illegal drugs that may be circulating around the party.
– Make sure to never leave your drink unattended.
– Don’t accept a ride home from someone at the party, especially if you think they may have been drinking or doing drugs.
– Agree on a time and a place for you and your friends to meet in the event that you get separated so that you can all go home together.
– Call your parents or a trusted adult right away if you feel uncomfortable and want to be picked up.

If you are Bay Roberts Bound please watch out of our Children and be sure to follow the signs to our Halloween Park, it is a great place to take some pictures. The Bay Roberts Fire Department and Avalon North Wolverines will be patrolling our streets and giving out treats throughout the evening.

Creatures of the night at the Halloween Park
Creatures of the night at the Halloween Park

I hope everyone has an amazing evening filled with lots of fun and goodies.
Free Halloween PowerPoint Background (5)
Stay Safe!!!


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