Oh The Summer Time is Coming!

Oh, the summer time is coming, and the trees are sweetly blooming, and the wild mountain thyme grows around the blooming heather. Will you go, lassie, will you go?This song, written by Francis McPeake (published 1957) always reminds me of summer in Newfoundland and Labrador. The trees are sweetly blooming, although we do not have the wild mountain thyme, we do have some amazing ground cover that emits some wonderful aromas, especially the lupins. Lupins grow in abundance in our province and especially on our Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail here in Bay Roberts. While walking the trail, your senses are treated by their scent as well as to the sound of the waves meeting the shore and the nesting birds singing on Fergus Island.

This is me frying up a few toutons at the Red Fisherman's Shed
This is me frying up a few toutons at the Red Fisherman’s Shed

Our trail is an amazing physical asset, it lifts spirits high and reminds us of days gone by that should not be forgotten. In an effort to celebrate this amazing destination, our tourism department in conjunction with the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation have designed a series of walking tours throughout the summer. These weekly walking tours will take participants on an interpretative tour through the trail, discovering foundations and cellars, outhouses and a stop at a fisherman’s shed for refreshments. For those who love a good tune and a touton, you will not want to miss our “Toutons and Tunes Tour”(Sundays) ,this event begins in July and continues into the fall. We also have a new tour called “Cellars and Songs”(Saturdays), this tour will travel through French’s Cove, stopping at cellars and points of interest. During these stop’s participants will be treated to stories and songs about the local culture and the sea.

Yoga on the Trail

Yoga with Deanne Dawe Saturdays 10am. Yoga will take place in the Fisherman's Shed if rainy.
Yoga with Deanne Dawe Saturdays 10am. Yoga will take place in the Fisherman’s Shed if rainy.

Saturdays at 10am you can take part in a yoga class on the trail with instructor Deanne Dawe.

Power of the sea

Each year the sea liked to display its power, most of the time it is watched by many down at Mad Rocks. The swell of the sea can be a thing of beauty and something to behold by the tourist, but at times it can wreak havoc on our infrastructure, such is the case of the steps to the Three Sisters. For the third time since the town constructed steps to the beach by the Three Sisters rock formation the sea has destroyed part of them. We are working in conjunction with the town’s works department to design a new system of lower stairs what could withstand the surge of the sea. If all goes according to plan, the new steps will be completed within a two week time period.

Trail Upgrades

Our staff continues to ensure the trail is safe, clean and well maintained. We also like to heighten the users experience by introducing upgrades or installing new features to the trail. This year we will be installing another telescope and 4 Adirondack chairs strategically throughout the trail. The fence at the cemetery will be fixed as well a new railing at French’s Cove will be installed shortly.


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