Name our Bay Roberts Sea Food Festival

Help us name our seafood festival!!

Bay Roberts and area abounds with fresh, local, sustainable seafood. We land, freeze, secondary process and ship many species of seafood and it is our turn to waive our flag. We want to invite everyone to our region to showcase the various seafood product of our province, May 31-June 2nd . We have been working hard to make this weekend celebration of food a memorable one. Soon invitations will be sent to chefs, producers and restaurants to get involved in this amazing event. We now ask you to help name the event, below are some names, please vote for the one which best represents us, or please offer a suggestion for us to consider. I do request for you to send this to anyone you may know who would have a keen interest to become involved in this festival that will celebrate the sea, stories and songs of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Parson's Stage will be part of Music and Mussels during our Sea Food Festival
Parson’s Stage will be part of Music and Mussels during our Sea Food Festival

Please pass this blog along to those who wish to get involved. We will announce the festival name during of medial release next Wednesday!!!


11 thoughts on “Name our Bay Roberts Sea Food Festival

  1. Have you thought about hashtags that are a bit ownable ?
    Taste of Baccalieu – #TOB, is Tour of Britain

    Baccalieu Fish Fest – #BFF, obvious

    Seafood of Baccalieu – #SoB, obvious

    Seafood, Stories and Songs – #SSS, hissing sound ?

    Bay Roberts Seafood Festival – #BRSF, Big River Slow Food in MN; couple others

    Newfoundland and Labrador Seafood Festival – #NLSF, NL brings up things in Netherlands

    Baccalieu Boil-Up – A Spring Seafood Festival – #BBU, universities come up

    Festival Baccalieu – #FB, facebook

    1. Thank you so much for your insight into this, I have not given this marketing opportunity much thought yet. It is indeed something for the committee to consider. Thanks again!

      1. Since you’re tweeting for naming help, I figured hashtags for the event should be kept in mind. Think BR name should be part of event as DYetman mentions below.

        Love BR slogan “Carved by the Sea”.
        Good Luck!

    2. All great suggestions! If this is done with as much careful planning and high standards as other Bay Roberts events have been, it should be another big success. Be careful that local restaurants no longer serve medium-large shrimps and call them “prawns”. There is a difference. Fresh local snow crab (now THERE’S a novel idea!) would draw people from all over. This will be an opportunity to be impressive and outstanding, not to just ‘get by’. Best wishes!

    1. I like that because during the festival we will be profiling food, but will also take the opportunity to profile our distinctive culture of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  2. For naming purposes, is this a Bay Roberts event or a Baccalieu Trail event? Will other towns along the BT be participating? Any name that is suggested or selected would need to reflect this.

  3. What about “From Sea To Table Fest, Bay Roberts……..well somethin along the same line as from farm to table is what I was thinking…………

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