Wing n It Bay Roberts


Last March(2012) I visited my first Wing n it while visiting Gander, as a result, I wrote a positive food blog about my experience. While writing my post I couldn’t help but feel envious of the people of Gander for having this type of restaurant. Little did I know that only a year later, Bay Roberts would have their very own Wing n It!
For those of you who are not familiar with Wing n It, it is a restaurant primarily dedicated to wings, 93 flavors to be exact!! If you are a wing nut this is a great place to visit .The restaurant has now been open a few weeks and has held its own in the competitive market here in Bay Roberts. We have various eating establishments that are all worth the visit, but the addition of another sit down restaurant that serves great pub food fills a void that was only taken care of by Jungle Jim’s and Scrunchions (in season) in my opinion. Having a selection of restaurants, especially those that can make your meal into an evening out is great for a region who does like to eat out often.
Wing in It Bay Roberts has a relaxing atmosphere and has a vibe that I like. I did appreciate that the owner renovated the building and gave it the “Wing n it” brand. It was very nice to see that they placed the town’s coat of arms on the wall with our new slogan.
The addition of the bar area and the TV monitors placed strategically around the bar shows great attention to detail and would indeed lure the patron to linger.

Nice utilization of space, ya can't go wrong with a bar!!!
Nice utilization of space, ya can’t go wrong with a bar!!!

The addition of new restaurants to our town services the residents of Bay Roberts and entices others to come and experience the variety of places to eat (true, mostly fast food, but we are evolving!)
For those looking for a complete listing of restaurants in Bay Roberts you can visit our new town of Bay Roberts website which will be launched this week during the regular council meeting starting 7pm.
For those interested in my food review of Wing n It Bay Roberts please visit my food blog at
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One thought on “Wing n It Bay Roberts

  1. looks awesome! I came across Wing n It on the web a few weeks ago, looks like a nice little franchise to satisfy the wing fiends! it’s amazing how quickly these wing franchises can spread, in the last few years they’ve popped up all over Toronto & Ontario, Canada even!

    I’ll have to try some when I’m back home (we need some out in western NL!)

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