I love this post, Happy Valentines Day

Delaney's Rant

Valentine's DayWell, another observance is upon us, that day of love… of telling your significant other how much you adore them… a day to do something nice for the one you care for. Does there need to be a specific day positioned on the calendar to do so? I am sure we all try to make our love ones feel special throughout the year, but it is not all hugs and kisses.  We all have a spat now and then. I think that is human. It is part of our nature, living together under the one roof…leaving the toilet seat up…not changing the toilet paper roll or not putting the cap back on the tooth paste…can make for a minor annoyance or an outright confrontation.  Such is life. I guess a reminder is a good thing, and Valentine’s Day comes at a time when it is nice to have something to…

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