Is it time for a toll system for the TCH?

I was driving to St. John’s a few days ago, keeping my eyes on the road, listening to a few tunes on the radio. During my drive I began to notice the amount of garbage there was on the sides of the road, it was terrible. I know that when the snow goes it usually leaves behind the litter of the winter season, but it was obvious that some of this stuff have been there for a long time. My question is, “is there someone responsible for the clean-up of the Trans-Canada Highway? When the decision was made to close the regional dumps in rural Newfoundland and Labrador was there a litter plan for all the debris that do from time to time fall from the garbage trucks dumpster trailers and pick-up trucks that make their way to Robin Hood Bay? I am not sure of the answer but I think it is a good one to ask. I know taking care of litter is costly, but we are spending a great deal of money to ask tourists to travel here and to experience our wonderful province (which I agree with). As a result, should we ensure that the beautiful, natural, rugged province we promote is in fact the one the visitor experiences? If there is no plan to take care of the litter problem on a regular basis I think there needs to be one. If finances do not allow for such an elaborate plan, “is it time” we think about establishing a toll system for the TCH? All monies collected could be used to keep roadways in excellent condition as well as keep the roadside litter free? I have seen these tolls used in other areas, is it time for us to think about it too? Or should it be given the attention it needs by our government for the sake of our environment and tourism industry.


3 thoughts on “Is it time for a toll system for the TCH?

  1. Ron, great article. The amount of litter always drove me crazy. We can’t force people to care enough about their surroundings to stop the habit of littering. It’s hard to catch them to fine them. I think you hit the nail on the head, when you suggested that we are spending all this money to attract people here, some needs to be spent on cleaning up what’s here.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Darlene, I know you commuted back and forth that road many times. It just seems there is not much talk about it, so do people care? There are many out there that do not unless their pocketbook is hit.

  2. I’ve been living in St. John’s for two years, I’ve ben disgusted with the garbage everywhere from day one, as this is what makes Canada unique from the States, Newfoundland seems to be the only province out of check with the rest of the country. I see people daily throwing garbage out of their cars or on the street, I pick up what I can, and carry a bag around sometimes to do what I can to clean it up. This province seriously needs more education about how to love your land and respect the environment.

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