Who is going to keep them warm?


I often think about power outages this time of year and for the most part, we have been lucky. One outage so far this year, and for me it was uncomfortable enough! I wrote in my blog earlier this month about the fun aspects of a blackout when prepared. I also reflected on senior citizens during times of outages and I DID ask the question, should there be “hot spots or drop in centers offered to those in need during this difficult time. I did get some reply via the comment section , twitter, face book and e-mail. I thank all who did take the time to respond, but there were many that this blog was sent to who did not weigh in on this serious issue.

It is my hope that this blog falls on caring ears for your community, so that community champions can emerge and get their ducks in a row to be prepared, to be proactive, not reactive when the next outage happens. It is not a case of if it will hit Newfoundland and Labrador again this year, it is when. I for one am taking measures to ensure my family will be ready this time, but for those who do not have the means, I am calling on us, as residents, next door neighbors, family or friends to start a movement to ensure no one goes cold or hungry during blackouts this winter. We have groups that could band together to help in this cause now, not when the issue arises; wouldn’t it be nice to know we were ready? To know we were prepared and that those who would be potentially in need were taken care of?

There are reports that the generation plant in Holyrood is not operating at its full capacity. If this is correct, it is a great cause for concernand even a greater reason why we need to ensure the municipal emergency plans in our communities include concessions for “Hot Spots” so those in need know where to go and know where they can be safe during outages.

Please have your say , talk to your fire departments, search and rescue groups, Salvation Army representatives and above all, your municipalities. Ask yourself, who is going to keep them warm?


5 thoughts on “Who is going to keep them warm?

  1. Ron:
    I would think that this matter is important enough to be included in the emergency part of the town’s Emergency-Disaster plan.

    And not only should the potentially affected citizens be identified but also locations to house these citizens as well as identifies sources of food supp-lies.

    This should all be a part of the town’s overall Emergency-Disaster Plan with the overall strategy managed from that document.

    My step-son ( Darren Butt ) is lead instructor for the new Emergency-Disaster Course (post graduate ) at the Stephenville College of The North Atlantic and would be more than happy to provide input for such an undertaking.

    1. Thank you Dennis for your comments, I like the way you think, it is a important issue that needs attention. Thank you for providing information about this course offered here in NL.

  2. Hey Ron,
    As you know our Search and Rescue Building is set up to run on generator power. We have two 5000 watt Honda Generators that will keep the building going for weeks! If the power happened to go for any amount of time where people, especially seniors need a place to hang their hat, stay warm, cook, shower or any need at all, we are ready! Our place is their place and we welcome anyone!! Hope it never happens but if it do, bring it on we are ready!!
    Avalon North Wolverines Search And Rescue

    1. This has been a positive day! Your Search and Rescue Group have beena main stay in our region and if we can get this off the ground it will ensure seniors will be protected in times of need.!! I have recieved other comments that both the town and religious groups are ready to help. I hope we can make this happen, for the sake of them.

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