Black Out 2013

Maggie, Kaegan, Cosmo and Daisey keeping nice and warm!
Maggie, Kaegan, Cosmo and Daisey keeping nice and warm!
Ok, it was not as long as the blackout in the early 90’s but never the less it was a black out and it was cold!!! There is always good and a bad that comes out these occurrences, the good, time to spend with family without too much interference from technology, the bad, the temperature dropped somewhat quickly in the house. We were semi prepared with a couple butane stoves for cooking and to give us a short burst of heat for the kids play room. We had plenty of candles and for the first night we kept it nice and warm. I took the time to prepare plenty of food for the family and the kids were thankful for having most of their toys charged including their Ipads. A week has gone by and almost all the snow is gone (even though it is snowing right now) but it is still early in the snowy season here in Newfoundland. I will be preparing a little more aggressively by probably investing in a kerosene heater or a generator of some sort. This time around I feel we were very fortunate as the weather was mild so it was a little easier to heat our home.

Kudos and considerations
I would like to thank NL Power for getting most of the power back on a swiftly as possible (even though we did not get our back until late Saturday afternoon). There work in extreme weather conditions to ensure we have power, when we are closing because of weather, there are prepping in case of an outage, so hats off to them.
I would also be remiss if I did not mention that I felt their communication was effective for the most part with their customers. The phone system was inundated with calls so it was hard to get through, but with today’s technology they were very present and responsive on twitter, it provided a forum for information to be sent and received (well done).

During power outages, I do think of the elderly and those who are sick who may not the means for keeping warm. I feel there may be a need for a drop in centre or two established in times of need. I do know there are buildings within our town that could provide such it this were probably suggested. (I would love your thoughts on this as I would gladly volunteer).

The startings of a nice Winter Stew for the Black Out, yummy!
The startings of a nice Winter Stew for the Black Out, yummy!
Toutons by candle light, ya gota luv those butaine stove!!
Toutons by candle light, ya gota luv those butaine stove

3 thoughts on “Black Out 2013

  1. I agree 100%. We should have a list of our seniors and a buddy system of some kind developed to check on them. We could/ should have a volunteer base for a drop in center and also a delivery system for those not able to physically get out without much difficulty!!!!! Sign me up!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Charlene! A buddy system is a wonderful idea! We are lucky this time that for most power was only gone for 10 hours but for some places including on Coleys Point it was longer , so I am sure it was uncomfortable for some people. If the seniors of our community knew that was a possibility they would certainly want to get on the list. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this (please keep in mind this is my personal feelings on this and not the towns so we need to create an awareness)
      Thanks again!!

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