Christmas Traditions a look back on Christmas 2012

Christmas Traditions a look back on Christmas 2012

I love Christmas traditions, it is what makes this season so special; they make us reflect on what is really important and what makes us happy. Some traditions are simple, like sending Christmas cards to family and friends or making cookies and cakes to give as gifts. During our Christmas we have a number of traditions including a visit to the graveyard on Christmas Eve to visit with my grandparents. I find this yearly visit very reflective and calming, it is a peaceful place, but festive in its own way as many love ones obviously visited before we got there as many of the grave sites were illuminated. This visit helps set the mood for the next tradition, the visit to Carbonear to visit Lisa’s family. This year marked the 25th year I have been making this visit; it is a time to spend with my brother and sister in laws and their family. We have watched our nieces and nephews grow up and now we enjoy spending time with their children.

Christmas Eve, is special for many reasons, but mainly for the birth of the Christ Child our Christmas Eve was capped off with a visit to Mom and Dads to go to midnight mass  (now 9pm). it was great to be in my childhood church again, especially with my family.

Christmas Day
The sound of excited children bursting into our room heralding the news that Santa was here is a welcomed sound, even if we were tired, it is to be treasured. We spend some time opening presents then it is time to go back to mom and dads for Christmas dinner. After, we exchange gifts with my siblings and then visit my brother Ken. He has one of the best looking Christmas trees, still decked out with tinsel and garland.

We love to visit Ken's at Christmas, his tree reminds me of our family tree when we were young! (he decorated it back then too!)
We love to visit Ken’s at Christmas, his tree reminds me of our family tree when we were young! (he decorated it back then too!)

Boxing Day is our turn to host family and friends. It is one of my favorite days of the year because it is a time to eat, have a few drinks, catch up with everyone and did I mention eating?

Boxing Day Friends (Brian, Juanita, Kaitlyn and Sam Tobin) "Love there shirts!!"
Boxing Day Friends (Brian, Juanita, Kaitlyn and Sam Tobin) “Love there shirts!!”

Christmas Table Cloth
one of the traditions in our house is that all who visit must sign the Boxing day Table Cloth. It is a large white sheet that has the signatures and messages of visitors to our home dated to be remembered and toasted.

IMG01839-20121227-0033 (2)
Kaegan was the last person to sign the cloth this year!!

Christmas Fondue

IMG01842-20121228-1829 (2)

I love food and family, and with our annual fondue evening with Lisa’s Brother Darrell, his wife, Stephanie, kids Caleb and Hailey, this was a tradition I was glad we renewed. We use to do this when it was just us guys, no kids, just a bunch of family plunging meat into cooking oil!! It was, and is, delicious. Although it is only a yearly feast, it is magical; from the place settings to the  laying out of many choices of food and sauces, I love this evening!!!

One last comment!

There is only a short time left to visit out Christmas Park and Village (two separate venues) so if you are out and about drop by the Wilbur Sparkes Recreation Complex or the Community Gardens to see our displays. If that is not possible, here is a quick video of the park thanks to Ian Flynn (thanks Ian!!)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions a look back on Christmas 2012

  1. This is the first time in ages that I didn’t get up to see the Bay Roberts lights, one of my favorite things to do during Christmas. My sister in law visited and she “Face-timed” me while there so I got a little peek, just not the same as being there. The perks of modern technology. We have many traditions as well but I love the idea of the Christmas table cloth. I may have to steal that one. Great blog as always! Happy New Year Ron.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      The table cloth idea came from a book I read and I love it. I have 4 years of names not and thank God they are all still with us. There will come a time when we will toast those who are gone and what better way to do it , at a table with friends who wroth on a table cloth. Steal away!!

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