Christmas Eve Tid Bits

Finding Christmas in the Fishermans Shed on the Shoreline Walk
Finding Christmas in the Fishermans Shed on the Shoreline Walk

Christmas Eve means a great deal to us Christians, it means the waiting, the Advent is almost over and the Christ Child is near. For me it is a nice feeling, one mixed with anticipation and reflection of the past. I have so many fond memories of “Christmas in the River” of helping Pop in the stable, the smell of freshly cut boughs for under the horse’s feet. The crunch of the freshly fallen snow and the wood stoves burning in many of the homes in Riverhead, Hr. Grace Newfoundland kept my senses alive at Christmas. I really enjoyed the “feeling of Christmas, the gift of excitement, tradition, knowing what was to come and above all friends and family. Mom and dad’s house was and is a place that welcomed people; this was certainly the case on Christmas Eve. The lights and music during Midnight mass was special, I always loved mass at night but Christmas was so special. Once refreshed, leaving the church we knew there was something good to eat at “the house”, some soup or a pot of chilli was always ready and with a invite to friends and family it was always a treasured event.

Those feelings are what we always try to rekindle this time of year, I have my own family now and do try to make Christmas as special as it can be. In Bay Roberts over the past few weeks we have created some wonderful events that will leave a lasting impact on those who participated. I am adding some of the events in this blog in hopes it puts you in a good place in your heart during Christmas.

Christmas Events

Here are some youtube videos of events that took please during this season, I hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Here is a silly one during our Old Time Christmas Time


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