Christmas Treasures in Bay Roberts (Plan your trip!!)

It’s November 30th and I am sure most of you have begun your Christmas preparations. This will include a few trips to St. John’s to get all your holiday presents.  We all plan some time to make that trip to “town” to start purchasing Christmas groceries and special “something’s” for our love ones.  Each trip costs us at least 30-40 dollars in gas and of course there are a few meals included before a single gift is bought. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a need to take that trip as the selection is much larger in a city than in a small rural town. But, instead of multiple trips, why not visit all the wonderful local shops and boutiques in our community and region. Over the past few weeks I have been visiting businesses in Bay Roberts, to say hi and take a few pictures. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of places there were to get that unique gift here in our own town. For those living in St. John’s and region, this is an invitation to visit and shop! While you are here make sure you visit the many Christmas locations in town, there are wonderful locations to take family Christmas pictures visit for more details! Below is a listing of the “Mom and Pop” business that you should plan on visiting this Christmas season!

Zachery’s\Robin’s Nest

Zachery's/Robin's Nest
Prints, jewelry, cookware, Christmas decor and so much more!! It will be easy to find that special something in this wonderful store!! (staff are soooo friendly!)


That’s Different

Thats different
Thats Different is certainly “different” and in a good way. A small boutique that is filled with treasures fro everyone, including seasonal scarfs, shoes, hand bages, jewelry and Christmas decor all packed in this small but quaint shop.


Melissa’s Boutique

A small boutique that deserves a visit, wonderful gift ideas including some childrens and adult clothing, shoes, jewelry! I really enjoyed visiting this place!

Atkinson’s Flowers

We all know Atkinson’s Flowers from “flowers” but once you set foot into this business you will see that there is much more to their name. that have so many delicious treats shipped from Great Britain. If you are looking for a unique gift or treat you have to visit and experience Atkinson’s. I wish I had more room for more pictures to show you the chocolates, fudge, candies, crisps (chips) and my favorite the bucked of Lee’s snow balls! Yum!

Hidden Treasures

A excellent name for this small business, Wendy has built a tradition of supplying unique treasures for any season. Specialized printing is available as well as Christmas gift ideas including home decor, tea and coffees, Candy Boquet, and Prints just to name a few!


Home Accents and Gifts

Home Accents appeals to the sences, as you enter the fragrances tease you nose as well as the expertly decorated shelves that present various home decorating ideas. If you are looking for home decor ideas, you have to visit them in the Beaver Plaza Mall!!

Jewelry Plus

Jewelry Plus in the Bay Roberts Mall is locally owned and opperated and has an amazing selections of jewelry, prints, Christmas gift and decorations! drop by for a visit! (in same mall is Atkinson’s, great food at Frasers too!!)

U R Styling

U R Styling is a small clothing store with something for everyone (even plus sizes!) make sure to visit over the coming weeks as they are having a 50% off sale!! Now thats hard to beat!


Wescal Department Store have been a furniture in Bay Roberts for years. People come from far and wide to seek that special something, here in Bay Roberts!


There we go! nine reasons for YOU to plan a shopping trip to Bay Roberts this season!! For those who life in Bay Roberts or close proximity? How about saving $30-$40 on gas for one trip and spend it locally!!

To the small businesses of Bay Roberts, I wish I had more space to show you off more as I am proud that these local businesses are still here in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.



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