Christmas Traditions and Special Friends

The 2010 Wreath Making Team, looking forward to seeing all these people return next year!! It’s a special evening.

Every year around this time my blog posts become more frequent. I guess it is because of the holidays that are just around the corner and that most everyone has begun preparing for them. This time of year makes me think about specific traditions, most of which I have written about on my blogs, especially about family, friends and music. Over the past week I took part in our annual Christmas wreath making night, this was our 15 anniversary making these wreaths to give as gifts to organizations and corporate sponsors. It is a tradition that goes back to when I was a teen in Riverhead, Hr. Grace and our local church group would cut branches and make wreaths for church. We keep it alive and well in Bay Roberts with our Special Events Committee. It is an opportunity to spend social time with the volunteers who create many of the events that go on in our community. It is a tradition that we all look forward to as it is the unofficial start to the Christmas season. Some of our committee members have been coming to the event from the beginning, but for some it was their first, but I have a feeling it will not be their last.

Here is the 2012 Wreath making crew, we made this wreath for Christine Bussey, each one of us took turns making it. We look forward to Christine and Lou with us next year!

Missing those who could not be with us

Sometimes because of circumstances beyond their control some of our members could not some as a result of work commitments or unfortunately because of illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with those special friends (or family members) that are fighting an illness, we miss you.

Festival of Lights

It’s that time of the year again and we are only days away from the launch of the Festival of Lights. A Festival created 15 years ago to celebrate all things Christmas. Through the cooperation of the many groups and organizations, the national award winning festival has grown to include a Christmas Light Park, One of the Largest Nativity collection displays in Canada, a “Live” Nativity, Christmas Village, and Santa’s Chalet, concerts galore and of course carol sing’s and church services. If you are in the area, please join us for the night time Santa Clause parade and opening of the Festival (including tree lighting, light park launch and family fireworks).
During the Christmas season you can keep up to date by checking out our calendar on also watch for our Christmas magazine and Klondyke Gazette and tune into 88.5 Christmas radio Bay Roberts.


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