Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is upon us and the kid’s excitement is on high!! My two children are gone off to school with their new costumes. Today is a special day for all children, a day to dress up, act silly and just have fun.
My wife Lisa and daughter Maggie have been working hard on her costume which is Maggie’s take on a zebra, the dress was made out of duct tape. As you can see it worked out well and she is all smiles! Kaegan’s costume is a little freaky; with a morph suit and that oversized head I am sure he will get a few double takes.


Kaegan and Maggie ready for school and Halloween fun!

Halloween in Bay Roberts

This year the town of Bay Roberts kicked up our Halloween celebrations a notch with the addition of the Halloween Park. For those of you in the Conception Bay North area, there is still time to visit as it will be open tonight. It is a great place to take your family for pictures or just tour the displays and watch the Halloween illumination. (Old Ball Field Road, Off Cross Roads).


The spider ghost of Bay Roberts Halloween Park!! (part of our saturday Lantern tour)

Halloween Safety

There will be many little ghosts and goblins walking the streets tonight in all our communities. Please drive slow and keep a look out for these little ones. Also please ensure your children wear something reflective or bright to assist those driving so they can spot them quickly. Once again this year the Bay Roberts Fire Department will be driving the streets with their “Pumpkin Patrol”. If any child gets lost or is in danger these vehicles are there to assist as well as give out some treats while supplies last.  I personally would like to thank the fire Department volunteers for taking the time to help make our streets safe.


Illumination Display in the Halloween Park

On behalf of my family I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!!



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