A Trip to Bay Wheels 2012!!

I always get excited when Bay Roberts is alive with activity; we strive for it as it helps the economy. This weekend we have hit the jackpot!! Thousands of visitors and we did not have to create an event for it to happen. Visitors from around the province are here for the United Church spring meetings, the Salvation Army is celebrating its 125 Anniversary in Bay Roberts and Bay Wheels 2012 at the Bay Arena.

These events are all very important and I welcome them all as they help support our business community. They also should create an awareness of the need to ensure that our community is the best it can be, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Our tourism department’s mandate is to promote tourism and to ensure our community is neat and clean. Since May, our team has been diligent in collecting litter, mowing and weeding the flower beds. It is a repetitive challenge as we are a “service” community, thus we have plenty of traffic, some of which decide to litter.  Although we did not have to prepare for this weekend’s activities, we did have to make an attempt to keep Bay Roberts neat and clean for our residents and visitors.

The Confession

I have to come clean, until today, I have never visited Bay Wheels; I have looked on when returning from camping or never found the time to go. I have always been proud that this amazing event was held in Bay Roberts and that it has raised almost 100,000.00 for local charities and profiled beautiful vehicles from around the region.  This year was the year I was going!! We went with three generations, my son Keagan (Albert, Ronald Delaney) , Ron Senior (Dad) and me, Ron Junior. It was amazing, the cars and trucks were a site to see, I enjoyed hearing dad’s stories of years gone by and his travels in some of the style cars that were there. It was easy to make a connection with some of the cars at some point in your life. For me the 1969 Camaro was especially of interest to me (the year I was born).


Here are some pictures of what you can see at Bay Wheels 2012!! There is still plenty of time to visit tomorrow. $5.00 per person and  $10.00 per family.

Another beautiful car made the year I was born!!


Now that a truck!!


1963 Thunderbird, beautiful


This particular car holds a special place in my heart

 as it was the car that took Lisa and I from church at our wedding.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Noel!!


Take the time and visit Bay Wheels this weekend in Bay Roberts!! Oh and visit out many stores and restaurants, they are well worth finding!! I also make a pledge, I will always visit the show, it is a gem in Conception Bay North.


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