Another Opportunity for Bay Roberts!!

Bay Roberts - Carved by the Sea

We can all remember the excitement that surrounded Bay Roberts when we competed for in the “Kraft Celebration Tour” and eventually won it!! It was a proud day when our community was announced, but for me,  the pride in our community and region was evident when the calls and emails of support came rolling in.  Pride was in the air for weeks. Residents, friends, other local communities were genuinely interested in having us succeed. The evening of the voting saw huge numbers of people answer the call for our community and some stayed up until the wee hours of the morning until voting closed. I went to bed with a tired smile on my face in knowing we “all” did what we could do to win the Kraft Tour and the $25.000.00 for the Bay Roberts Soccer Pitch, and we thank you for that.

Molson Coors Community Cheer Program

Last Time $25,000 – This Time – $100,000

Now my friends, we need your help again, We have the opportunity to win a piece of  ONE MILLION DOLLARS during the “ Molson Coors Community Cheer Program.” Ian Flynn, Recreation Director for our town has submitted an application for $100.000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars!!). This money will be used to help build a “Recreation Centre” within the Wilbur Sparkes Recreation Complex. With the ever increasing demand for the facility and construction of the soccer pitch, it is imperative we have a facility that can be used for community programming and change rooms for those who use our facilities.

We REALLY need your help

When we won the Kraft Celebration tour for our region, it gave us national profile and the much needed twenty five thousand dollars to help fund the new lighting that will be installed this year on the soccer pitch.

“Now” we need your help by giving us a cheer by clicking the link below and registering, as a result you will be going Bay Roberts a cheer, we only need 225 cheers to be considered. (We have 70 cheers currently)

Please take the time (and be patient) and register here!!

You do have to register.  All you need is a valid email address.  Although they ask for a phone number, you are not required to give it.

If we could rally Bay Roberts and our friends for $25,000 thousand, we can do it again for $100.000.00 !!!!!!

Thank you and see you at the Recreation Centre!!


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