Cosmo the Christmas Dog and Tibb’s Eve

Cosmo, the Christmas Dog
Cosmo, the Christmas Dog

There are so many wonderful things about Christmas, the smells, sights, and of course the sounds.

I keep our house filled with the sounds of the season for weeks on end, this is something I learned from my brother (and sister in law) during Christmas, there was, and is, always music, and of course smiling faces that are eager to invite you to come in and be a part of their celebration. I have another bro and sister-in-law who we visit where we spend an evening with fondue meat and veg. It is a opportunity to sit and relax and discuss the year and spend time with family, this year we will not be doing this till the 28-29 due to the hectic season. BUT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!

Tibb’s Eve

Tibb’s Eve is growing!!  Four years ago when I was profiled in some local media and on my blog, there did not seem to be much tradition out there.  This year there was a piece in the Southern Gazette in Newfoundland.  I read the article with interest as there seems to be new geographical interest in the celebration. I appreciate the comments and will keep them for future reference.

Tibb’s Eve is an ever growing celebration of sampling, and NOT just “drink.” My Grandfather and his father and maybe before him celebrated the opportunity to relax, and the review what was ready for the season.

The best memory for me is Ken, Pop, and me going to the mall. Pop buying a present for Nan and the stop at the liquor store, finishing at the “house” to sample the “grog” and talk about all that was done and ready for the season. Dried fish, veg, home-made brew, backed caked and purity syrup all part of the season. Pop is gone, but not his memories and he day that he held dear. Tibbs Eve will always be a day of observance; I look forward to the sampling and the smells.

Cosmo the Christmas Dog!!

Cosmo at Home in our Hearts
Cosmo at Home in our Hearts

Lisa and I have been talking, debating, and researching if we should get a dog. We have, in the past, had to “gift” our cat, Fergus, to a neighbour.  Kaegan could not be around Furgus,  as he has allergies. This year, this week, (actually) we took a chance, and now, we have a dog – a puppy!!! COSMO!!. A spirited animal who has already won our hearts, and my heart was the most difficult to break. Not that I despise animals, but I had to sign on to the idea of getting up 2:30 am to let him out and maybe 5:30am again. I just got out of that a few years ago when I was blessed with a boy and a girl (getting up early), but now they are 9 and 11 and getting independent. I guess I will get used to it as he is adorable!! Loved the chance to spend time with my children in the wee hours of the morning, but this time with a puppy, so I guess I will do so again.

Christmas Wishes

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit, blog, link, share any of my writings. Social media is exciting and allowing those, including me, the opportunity to showcase everything going on in our region and of course pass comment on it. I would like to thank Margaret Ayad of Baccalieu Consulting for the commitment to the town of Bay Roberts, and being a friend to me and Delaney’s Rant and my food blog Just a Foodie . I would also like to thank those who followed the blog since 2007.  It is appreciated; it is simple but spirited… like my friends!


One thought on “Cosmo the Christmas Dog and Tibb’s Eve

  1. A very cute puppy! We also have a new on, or should i say my son and his family, but i am the dog sitter ! just love her right up, they are just like kids, love lots of attention!
    Enjoy !

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