Advent is here!!

Lights of Advent

Advent is here!!!!

The season of Advent is here again, the timetor prepare for the real reason for the season. Churches and homes place advent wreaths out for observances for the next four weeks. Praying and reflecting in preparation of the Christmas season. In our home we love the opportunity to since familiar Advent songs and to read from the accounts in the new testament of the journey to Bethlehem. It is a time of year for rejuvenation and to renew our pledge of faith. The glow of the Advent Wreath gives me a sense of calmness and aid in alleviating the stress of everyday life andthe added pressures of commercialism that surrounds this time of year.

Advent and da Nuns

Advent in my young school days was interesting to say the least. Every school day and class started with us standing and saying prayers, that kept us on our feet throughout the day to say the least. Although this was common place in the Catholic school system it certainly became more pronounced during Advent. We all gathered by class all 250+ of us around the wreath to listen to one of the Sisters (Nuns) lead us in song and prayer. The cramped condition in the old hallway that has long been demolished is still etched in my mind. The purpose of the event was to prepare us collectively for the season and as regimented and gruff as the Nuns were, they did their job. Advent wreaths are now placed in many homes in Newfoundland and Labrador as a result of their perseverance to ensure everyone was ready for the coming of the Christ child.


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