Halloween 2011

It’s only a few days to go till one of the spookiest times of the year, Halloween. I have fond memories of taking a pillow case or a couple Dominion bags and heading up Fisherman’s Road with my friends. Thinking back, we did very well even though we only walked the loop. I can remember when I was very young knocking Harry and Aggie Hunts house and Aunt Bessie Cleary would give us 10 cents, this was a Halloween bonus and is certainly a fond memory I will never forget. Halloween is observed by many as a fun event , especially for children, the decorations these days is certainly more elaborate than just putting on a plastic mask like I use to do. Careful thought and planning goes into the selection of the costume today. Kids have a social calendar that is far advanced today with many opportunities to wear their selections.

In Bay Roberts there is one more reason to dress up, our Pumpkin Fest ,.by the time most who will read this blog event will be over as it is tonight. But over the next few days the Visitors Pavilion it is an excellent place to visit and get a treat and is a great place to take family pictures. Visit www.bayroberts.com for all the events surrounding Halloween and Bonfire Night. Bay Roberts will also have the Pumpkin Patrol on Halloween night with the Avalon North Search and Rescue ,Bay Roberts Volunteer Fire Department, and the Town of Bay Roberts Department of Tourism and Recreation teaming up to create safety awareness and to give out treats.

Maggie and Kaegan with Sandra Roach

Halloween Poll (Top 10 greatest Horror Movies of all time)

My favorite part of Halloween is the movies, plenty of horror movies on the TV this month thanks to free previews on channels like Dusk or AMC. My poll is to vote for your favorite horror movie of all time. I know I will leave some out so if I do, please click the comment button and enter your movie into the race!!!

The poll has more than 10 so vote for up to 10 on the list, you can track how your movies are doing over the next few days, please note voting is over midnight October 31.


Happy Halloween!!!!!!







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