Let’s Fight Litter!!!!

On May 23 we will be holding a “Clean-up Day in Bay Roberts”. Meet us at 9 am at the Bay Arena parking lot to help make a difference or assemble a team in your community and help make a litter difference. We need to get clean for the up and coming tourism season.

Watch You Step
Watch You Step

Ok, for a rant, a real RANT!! Litter litter everywhere! Wow! Instead of getting better, I think it is getting worse. One of the down points of living and working for a service community is the obvious problem of litter and peoples’ complaints about it. All comments are warranted, justifiable and above all, true!! Littering in Conception Bay and especially in Bay Roberts is becoming ever increasingly a major problem. Pride for the earth and the environment should be buzz words in our society, but for some reason some people still feel compelled to sit or drive and then fling garbage out the window so that it is some other persons problem, maybe magic fairies  will come to pick up the cram at night. Shame on them!! It does not work that way, most litter is picked up buy prideful people who walk our streets, or by municipal staff who will be soon hired to take care of the ever growing mess. The problem is, we can’t keep up with the onslaught of people who do not care for our communities. So they will force us to make steps to penalize those who break the law and litter. In Bay Roberts, we are launching an anti-litter campaign to report those who litter!!  Those that are reported and proven to have littered can face fines up to $1500.00!!

Gather the Trash
Gather the Trash

It is a necessary step and we are calling on you, in Bay Roberts or around the world, to report people who litter. Littering is unnecessary and it is hurting the environment and our municipal budgets. We will remain steadfast to ensure we can fight against litter, but public awareness and action is needed to take it to the next step. I am asking you to help, please support anti-litter promotions in your community. It is a municipal problem but it is everyone’s problem in which we can all play a part. Letters of disgust are great, but action is better. We all have a part to play.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Fight Litter!!!!

  1. Hear,hear!! This is long overdue, I would like to see a public awareness campaign along with this. Should be front page in the next Klondyke Gazette!

  2. I totally agree with your coments. I walk almost daily around the town and the amount of litter is disgusting. Unless we take individual responsibility for our town the problem will never be solved.

  3. A stop must be put to using the Bargin Giant parking lot as a dumping ground by teens who hang out there.
    They have no pride in their home town.

  4. Reblogged this on Delaney's Rant and commented:

    This is a re-blog, but the issue is still the same!! Bay Roberts WHY LITTER DAY on May 23, 2015 starting at the Bay Arena 9am. refreshments to be served 12 noon that the town council office 321 Water Street.

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