Let’s Fight Litter!!!!

On May 23 we will be holding a “Clean-up Day in Bay Roberts”. Meet us at 9 am at the Bay Arena parking lot to help make a difference or assemble a team in your community and help make a litter difference. We need to get clean for the up and coming tourism season.

Watch You Step

Watch You Step

Ok, for a rant, a real RANT!! Litter litter everywhere! Wow! Instead of getting better, I think it is getting worse. One of the down points of living and working for a service community is the obvious problem of litter and peoples’ complaints about it. All comments are warranted, justifiable and above all, true!! Littering in Conception Bay and especially in Bay Roberts is becoming ever increasingly a major problem. Pride for the earth and the environment should be buzz words in our society, but for some reason some people still feel compelled to sit or drive and then fling garbage out the window so that it is some other persons problem, maybe magic fairies  will come to pick up the cram at night. Shame on them!! It does not work that way, most litter is picked up buy prideful people who walk our streets, or by municipal staff who will be soon hired to take care of the ever growing mess. The problem is, we can’t keep up with the onslaught of people who do not care for our communities. So they will force us to make steps to penalize those who break the law and litter. In Bay Roberts, we are launching an anti-litter campaign to report those who litter!!  Those that are reported and proven to have littered can face fines up to $1500.00!!

Gather the Trash

Gather the Trash

It is a necessary step and we are calling on you, in Bay Roberts or around the world, to report people who litter. Littering is unnecessary and it is hurting the environment and our municipal budgets. We will remain steadfast to ensure we can fight against litter, but public awareness and action is needed to take it to the next step. I am asking you to help, please support anti-litter promotions in your community. It is a municipal problem but it is everyone’s problem in which we can all play a part. Letters of disgust are great, but action is better. We all have a part to play.


Top Chef Canada a hit…..for Newfoundland and Labrador!!!

I love the Food Network!  Even with the Iron Chef re-runs and old restaurant make-over shows, it is amazing.  We have the opportunity to get to know many professional chefs, foodies and those with passion for all things food.  It helps create a buzz about sights, smells, experiences, and promotes product that can raise the bar for our culinary quality of life.  I for one find if refreshing.

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri - My Favourite Food Personality

My Favourite Food Personalities

As much as I am a huge fan of those perennial gurus Bobby Flay, Paula Dean, Guy Fieri (my favourite food personality), Roger Mooking , and Michael Smith, I longed for someone to represent Newfoundland and Labrador.

We now have that person.  That day has come!!

Top Chef Canada

Top Chef Canada has hit the airwaves.  I am very pleased that Canadian chefs are being profiled. A cross selection of passionate people make this Monday night show very entertaining.  In addition, the audience becomes tuned in with types of food they may not ordinarily eat.   The chefs prepare these dishes allowing the everyday person to explore and to experience dishes they may not see in their everyday busy lives.

For me someone to cheer for from my province for the first time is exciting, Todd Perrin owner of The Chefs Inn B &B St. John’s. his passion and “ballsy attitude” helps make this show unique from others on the network. During the first night Todd introduced seal to the judges, it was met with mixed reviews but I think helped him gain respect from the other chefs in my opinion.

Todd Perrin

Todd Perrin from St. John's NL

I wish the show was broadcast to every household across Canada like Canadian Idol or American Idol as these people are just as much an idol as anything that was pumped out before.  For those who have not tracked Top Chef Canada please tune in and be a part of history.

Here is a link to Todd’s page on the Food Network Top Chief Site.  You can learn a little about him, including the fact that he is from  Quidi Vidi!!

You can also vote.  Don’t miss the opportunity!!