Only 5 More Sleeps till St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Ok, so I get excited when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, but how could you not when you see so many people getting into the spirit of celebrating all things Irish!!

For the past couple of days I have been getting in the mood for the wearing of the green. Even in my son Kaegan’s school, they had a green day yesterday. I have been helping friends with Irish stew recipes and sharing music and decorations for family parties.

Today, we just got back from a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast at St. John the Evangelist.  The atmosphere was wonderful, a great sense of community. It was just what I needed to sit and write an early blog before March 17th.

The celebration of Ireland is the shot in the arm we all need this time of year, we are all sick of snow and cold temperatures. Although our brothers and sisters of the emerald isle do enjoy warmer winters, this year they have had their own battles will old man winter, thus I am sure they await spring with just as much enthusiasm as we do. Below are some pictures of preparations celebrating Ireland, I have also added a you tube video of Danny Boy from the band I use to sing with, Erin’s Call.

Kaegan for Green Day at Coley's Point Primary
Kaegan for Green Day at Coley's Point Primary
Ian Flynn and Isabella
Ian Flynn and Isabella

The sun is shining in beautiful Bay Roberts and it is a good time to get to work on putting up my decorations for our celebration on Thursday.
I look forward to posting to you over the coming days.


7 thoughts on “Only 5 More Sleeps till St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

  1. Ron, so nice to see you and Kaegan at our breakfast-a great start to St. Patrick’s Day week! Your brilliantly green shirt was like sunshine to the room!!! We were so pleased with the attendance and wonderful atmosphere at the event. Thanks so much for including it in your blog.

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