Tibb’s Eve and Christmas Eve

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Reading Christmas Stories at the Visitor Information Centre

Tibb’s Eve – Christmas Eve Eve

We all look forward to various holidays in the year: Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Da, and of course Christmas.  All of these are wonderful observances, but for me, and for many other people in Newfoundland and Labrador, Tibb’s Eve is an extra celebration. We do not get time off for this celebration, but we do find time to observe this unique day.  Tibb’s Eve is a time for preparation,  taking an account of what we have throughout the year, and for getting ready for Christmas.  A holiday is made by the special memories it creates.  It is a succession of attitudes and traditions of our ancestors.  The memories I have of a young boy tasting mom and nan’s cake and cookies, the smell of oil paint as it drifts through their house in preparation, me and my brother Ken taking pop to the liquor store for his Christmas “grog”.  All this plus much much more … makes Tibb’s Eve what it is.

One of the most special memories I have of Tibb’s is  being included… for the first time,  having the opportunity to go with my older brother and taking pop for his Christmas errands, and eventually making our way to the house and tasting the drink of the season in little “legion glasses”.  This memory I will always hold dear to my heart.

I have enjoyed writing these blogs about Tibbs, and sharing the stories of the past.  Now I make new memories as I still have the opportunity to go with my brother and take care of our last minute shopping.  I make sure to drop by the NLC and select all I need to prep for the holidays, just in time to drop them off at the house and go to the Search and Rescue for a BBQ.  In the picture below are two great friends.  Perry Bowering has been in my Tibb’s blogs for about 4 years. We usually are putting up lights now, but with the wind and rain, well most of mine are on the ground. Clyde, a gentleman from Shearstown, Bay Roberts, is one of the life bloods of the Wolverines Search and Rescue.

Perry and Clyde have put thousands of hours into ensuring we are safe during this festive time, I thank them for that.


Tibb's Eve - Christmas Eve Eve


Since writing blogs about Tibb’s I have received some media coverage, from newspapers and radio especially. Well today CBC Radio wanted to do a small segment of the observance; it did not work out as I had a hectic schedule and they have a tight timeline. I would love the opportunity to discuss this day with them. It is an important part of who we are, I hope they call back.

Christmas Eve

The Fireplace for Santa.
Fireplace for Santa – Visitor Information Centre – Photo: Dennis Flynn

By the time you read this it will be Christmas Eve.   Everyone will be so excited and looking forward to the coming of the Christ Child. I have a ritual of cooking for the town council of Bay Roberts, inside and outside staff.  It is a nice time to connect with all I work with throughout the year.  We lost a special friend and it weighs heavy in all hearts.  Our thoughts are with Richards’s family.  I also visit my grandfather’s grave Christmas Eve, it may sound depressing, but I honestly find peace in spending time with someone who has made such an impact on my life.  My nan and pop and any family who are buried there will always have a visit from me during Christmas.

Christmas Eve has been a special time since I was a child of course, with the anticipation of the jolly fellow and the excitement of midnight mass, this kept Christmas special.  Today, I get excited for my children and for the opportunity of spending time with love ones. I always like to sit back , relax and remember the year at hand, we never know when will be the last time we will have the gift of spending Christmas with friends and family. So while we can, we should give thanks, I know I do.

Christmas Radio Station 88.5 FM


Dec 24th - 27th - One Hour Christmas Show
Dec 24th - 27th - One Hour Christmas Show

OK for my last comments, our Christmas radio station 88.5fm is up and running for information purposes BUT tomorrow, and up to December 27th, we will be hosting a 1 hour radio show of various Christmas music and spoken word pieces. I hope you will like it, as I think it is needed to help celebrate this amazing season.

Christmas Pavilion at the Bay Roberts Visitor Information Centre

Please visit our Christmas Pavilion on Veterans Memorial Highway. The atmosphere and the decorations are amazing.  On December 30th,  from 7:00-10:00pm join our All Ages Kitchen Party at the Pavilion.  Come to the Pavilion for an evening of music, dance and refreshments. Wear your mummers costume for a chance to win a prize!!!  This is a family event.

….and click www.bayroberts.com for all information that is Bay Roberts.

Admiring the Pigeon Inlet Quilt
Christmas Pavilion at Visitor Information Centre Photo: Dennis Flynn

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Ron Delaney

Snowperson Community!!
At the Christmas Pavilion Photo: N. Ayad


6 thoughts on “Tibb’s Eve and Christmas Eve

  1. Happy Christmas Ron and to all the Wolverines. I hope beautiful Newfoundland is in a powdery blanket of snow, just like your country cousins over here in Ireland. Fabulous to see the photos and you’re still wearing that oul’ jacket Perry!!! Hope it still fits after the Christmas Turkey! 🙂 All our very best wishes from the Irish CoastGuard, myself, Sonja and Katelyn. Enjoy the Holidays. Merry Christmas!

  2. It is wonderful to hear from you!!! I bet Cork looks wonderful in white. I can just picture your Christmas Tree close to your fire place with the turf burning. (even if it is not , it is how I imagine it*s*) We are having a very wet and winding week, lots of water, so not a white christmas, but thats ok, in time there will be plenty. we all wear the jackets you gave us with pride, that pic was taken last night at a BBQ and the search and rescue building a great time was made by all.

    I hope Katelyn still likes riding horses.

    Merry Christmas from myself, Lisa, Maggie and Kaegan

    1. And from Greystones – best of luck to all the Bay Roberts characters. Enjoy the festivities and keep it between the ditches!!
      I agree Vinnie – good to see the jacket being worn with pride !!
      All the best,


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