Kraft Celebration Tour and So much more!!!!!!

Kraft Celebration Tour and So much more!!!!!!

Summer of 2010 is gearing up to be amazing!!!! The Baccalieu Trail and Conception Bay North will be over flowing this summer with events, festivals, garden parties and sports for all!!

Karft Celebration Tour 2010
Karft Celebration Tour 2010
For the town of Bay Roberts, we have so much to be thankful  for, a committed group of volunteers, a spirited community, plenty for all to do and!!! We are proud to be a part of Kraft Celebration Tour.

This cross country competition always evokes a strong sense of community and national pride, we now are getting a piece of the pie!!!

We all love pie, but the stuff we were eating a lil while ago is not as tasty as the opportunity be place in the Celebration Tour. Money Sense made Bay Roberts one of the most talked about towns in Newfoundland NOW TSN and Kraft are going to make Bay Roberts one of the most talked about towns in CANADA!!!! Visit vote, vote often. ( I am hoping the guy who wrote the article for us can do so again, it was great!!!  It is hard to buy promo like that…..and I am sure he can attest to that!!!!)

We spent most of the day with Chomper, Deputy Mayor Phil Wood, Town Staff and Corporate businesses of our town to ensure all are ready and informed of the e-voting that will take place Monday and Tuesday . Have a look!!!!!

Please do not forget have a look at the wonderful work volunteer organizations are doing  to preserve the works of the world famous authors  of Bay Roberts including Ted Russell and David French

For other information and events this summer in Bay Roberts please visit .


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