Bay Roberts makes the big time!!!

Money SenseGreetings fellow Canadians, it seems as though our small community has hit the big time. It usually takes plenty of money to get a great position in a national magazine, or something terrible or intriguing to hit the provincial level. So when the emails and phone calls started to pour in about this article in Money Sense, profiled on Yahoo I was very surprised. For a moment I was shocked, confused by the information or lack thereof, but after some consideration, excitement started to build. All eyes were going to be on Bay Roberts, the little National and Provincial award winning community is getting its 20 min of fame!!

Three Sisters - 4km Shorline Heritage Walk

Three Sisters - 4km Shorline Heritage Walk

The question is, what will we do with this “fame” ? We could go crazy and defend our beautiful  community to the hilt, or we could embrace the attention, ensure all information is accurate and hold our heads high and say to our fellow Canadians, “To see what Bay Roberts is really like, come for a visit? ”

Church Hill - Bay Roberts

Church Hill - Bay Roberts

I am sure the author of the article worked long and hard on producing this document that has some in our town in an uproar. Maybe Bryan Borzykowski does not realize what impact these articles have on small communities who compete for growth and economic stability. But maybe he does, as it fuels attention to the magazine and to him as an author. In any case, it was nice that we were thought of – even though our  crime rate is not high as indicated  in his writings, and we do not have a negative population growth rate (Bay Roberts population increased by 3.4% , Statistics Canada )

Bay Roberts is a proactive community, with hundreds of volunteers and an effective town Council that ensures that the quality of life is second to none. If there is a fault in the tourism department keeping a tourism booklet online then I apologize. If the time had permitted, our guide would have explored the wonderful world of Bay Roberts and what it truly has to offer, but then again, it would be hard to gather all the statistics for 179 cities and actually absorb the good points.

Bryan, for a brief overview of Bay Roberts, please take 3 minutes out of your busy schedule and watch this video, it should help you understand us better.

I also would like to invite you to come to Bay Roberts and to our amazing province of Newfoundland and Labrador; we would love to have you visit.