Visit to Ireland

My wife Lisa and all around me know that my trip of a lifetime would be to travel to Ireland.

That dream became a reality a couple weeks ago as I journeyed with the Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue to tour the Emerald Isle. The primary purpose for the trip was educational and competitive in nature as the group toured a great deal of the country to meet with their Irish colleagues. I had the honor of interacting with and learning from the many zones of the Irish Coast Guard. they hosted our group with perfect precision and made our trip life altering, well at least for me.

I had my visions of what I wanted to see, some prompted by songs , stories, history , scenery, and even the fantastic marketing and age old branding of the country many of our ancestors called home.

I have to admit with much excitement that my expectations were met and exceeded. I have to thank the gentleman who visited Newfoundland back in October 2008 and who in return hosted us in fine style. I will thank them many times throughout the next few blogs, yes, the next few blogs as it is impossible for me to present all the pictures taken by us in one posting.  It would not do the trip and experience justice.

Pictures do tell a thousand words but I can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing two weeks!!!!

Our first day was filled with much history and sightseeing.   Dublin is a hot bed of culture, arts, and commerce.  It was very charming in many aspects;  I bet one could spend a two week vacation exploring this wonderful city.

Wolverines on streets of Dublin
Wolverines on streets of Dublin
Irish Parliament Building
Irish Parliament Building
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
Wolvervines in front of Dublin Castle
Wolvervines in front of Dublin Castle

Kilmainham Gaol Chapel was the setting for the marriage of Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett. They were married,  only allowed minutes together before Joseph was taken away to be executed in the morning for his part in the Easter Rising of 1916.

Inside Kilmainham Gael
Inside Kilmainham Gaol
Kilmainham Gael Chapel
Kilmainham Gaol Chapel

This was a emotional place for me as it confirmed its reality, it was no longer a song. The song “Grace” has been sung by many, but in my opinion no can sing it like Jim McCann.

Newgrange, older than Stonehenge and 500 years older than the Pyramids.
Newgrange, older than Stonehenge and 500 years older than the Pyramids.

Victoria Day Weekend

Ok this is a start, I will be posting some pictures next week, but going camping tomorrow , have a good Victoria Day weekend, a holiday is a holiday *W*

Danny Cleary

Congrats to Danny Cleary first star of the game tonight!!!!! Go Red Wings!!!!!
Take care


One thought on “Visit to Ireland

  1. Ron,

    A Chara,

    How the hell are you? Trust you and all our Wolverine friends are good and well.
    May I just add to your blog that for myself, and no doubt the rest of the lads, it was an absolutely fantastic holiday – both for yourselves and us!!

    Life has a habit of turning up a time which will remain tattoed on your memory till the day we go to see Grace and Joseph! And your visit to our emerald isle is one of those unique times – we really did enjoy the company of our canadian colleagues.

    I will talk to you shortly but again thank you so much for your friendship and camaraderie which, as we say here -‘ Was out of the top drawer!’

    And thank you for putting up with our endless requests for ‘Grace’ – but hey –
    When you’re good – you’re good !!

    Keep yourself and your family safe – and our paths will cross again.



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