Twas the Night before St. Patrick’s Day

It’s the night before St. Patrick’s Day and all is quiet in the house, the children are tucked in their beds with the thought of school in their heads. As nice as a long weekend is, and especially for my kids had Friday and Monday off, it still do not seem like St. Patrick’s Day when most of the celebration is done on the weekend.

Now, for me, I do love this time of year as it is a time to shake the winter blaws and to look forward to the spring season that is approaching very quickly. The celebration of Ireland has taken on an extended period as it is now celebrated for days on end as the holiday is not on the specific date of St. Patrick’s Day. So we get a large taste….and I mean taste of this special time of year when everyone (well almost) claim to have some Irish blood in them. I really enjoyed this weekend as it was filled with food, music, dance and most of all family and friends. We try to ensure everyone who graces our door enjoy themselves. As much as I wish the celebration can be observed totally on the specific date we did have a wonderful event. In this blog I will have some pictures of the party and some music and even a recipe to share. If you have a few pics or special stories of your special St. Paddy’s Day please add them to my comment area.

I had the opportunity this evening to read a book to my son it was called The Night before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing. When I started to read , it was obvious it was very much like The Night Before Christmas, but it gave my son a new appreciation into the folklore that surrounds this celebration.

The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Pictures

As you can see from these pictures I do get into the spirit of the season, the kids like that “dad” is being silly, but it allows me the opportunity show them that this observance is special and there s much to learn. We have fun teaching them about the folklore, music and food of this celebration of Ireland.

My own Colcannon Recipe

5 Med potatoes
2 Med onions
6 cups cabbage
1/2 package of regular bacon
1/3 cup of fresh milk
1 table spoon butter
Pinch of salt and pepper

Boil potatoes in a medium pot for 15 minutes, drain and let cool. In a medium non stick frying pan fry the bacon till the fat is basically rendered out, place the bacon on a paper towel. Drain the bacon fat from the pan and then use the pan for the frying of the cabbage and onions, cook on medium heat till softened(15 min), then combine the boiled potatoes, bacon, butter and milk to the mixture and cook for a additional 15 min on medium heat stirring frequently and serve with your favorite drink.

note: before serving the dish , some like to ensure the ingredients are mashed , no chunks…but that is your preference.

Mmmmm ok am hungry now, I think I will make this tomorrow!!

The Frying Pan song

There is a song from one of the greatest bands in Ireland “The Furey’s”. They have wonderful songs and stories and are known for their ballads, but I have been taken up with a song about a gentleman who gets himself in trouble with his wife when he comes home under the weather, and well she advises him of her displeasure but introducing him to her “well used frying pan” Please enjoy.

Avalon North Search and Rescue Wolverines.

Over the next few weeks I will try to keep the blogs coming as I am traveling with the Avalon North Search and Rescue Wolverines. This is a local troop of men who freely give of themselves to search for lost persons on land and on sea. They recently won the National/International Search and Rescue Championship and because of a bond they have made with the Irish Search and Rescue Team they will be traveling and competing in Ireland during the month of May. I have the pleasure and honor of traveling with them, it has been a dream of mine since a boy , it will be a very special time for us all and I look forward to the opportunity to report back to you during our travels.

On behalf of my wife Lisa, my children Maggie and Kaegan, I wish you all a wonderful and blessed St. Patrick’s Day


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