Tibb’s Eve!!

Tibb’s Eve!!


Well today is another Tibb’s Eve, a observance of many around the world. In Newfoundland and Labrador it is celebrated as the “sampling” of the cooking, decorating, painting(renovation) and purchasing or making of Christmas Spirits of the Christmas season, it is a time to ensure all is right and ready!!!!!

I have so many fond memories of my brother and I taking our grandfather to “do” his business before Christmas. It all ended with a dram at his house. This was indeed a special time for me as a young man as I did not get to partake in a taste of Christmas grog often. I knew that it was at this time that all events had culminated into what was Christmas for me.

Ron and Perry Tibb's Eve
Ron and Perry Tibb's Eve


I have attached my last year’s blog about Tibb’s Eve as it has been the number one viewed page on Delaney’s Rant in the past 12 months. Have a read, absorb the culture and comment if you wish.

Ok, I was not sure if I would get the opportunity to post another blog, especially since I did post one a short while ago. Well, I just finished decorating my house and my buddy Perry’s, I guess as you can see from the picture we did take a chance to warm up and talk about the season. I really look forward to decorating every year since I came to Coley’s Point, Bay Roberts.

While finishing the lights, I mentioned to Perry about our custom in Riverhead, Hr. Grace to celebrate “Tibb’s Eve” which is tomorrow (December 23rd). Historically, it is a observance that has been around for a great deal of time, for me growing up in rural Newfoundland I think of it with deep affection as my grandfather Arthur Hurdle instilled the significance of the day to us.

In the Newfoundland Dictionary there is a long explanation to what “Tibb’s Eve” is, but as I read through it I do see where is originated as it pertains to my Grandfather. If interested, please read the following link http://www.heritage.nf.ca/dictionary/azindex/pages/5010.html

For my family and my grandfather, it was a day of sampling the brew that was seldom present during the rest of the year. For “Pop” we would take him to the liquor store, and of course would go back to the homestead and sample the purchase. My wife Lisa just purchased new glasses for Christmas entertaining, some of which were small 4 oz glasses. My grandfather would call them “Legion Glasses” and would give us a “grog “or a “dram” of whatever he had to toast Tibb’s Eve. I never knew the total meaning, but I did love spending time with him and Nan. They are now gone for years, but I will never forget this tradition and I will enjoy keeping it alive. One part of the tradition that I have not stopped and those of my brothers that are still around still do it, we go to his grave side on Christmas Eve and toast to him and our family members who are now gone. I love it, it is a major part of Christmas, it is a calming place, I find it fulfilling and I will do it for as long as I can, and it is a part of Christmas for me.

For those of you who have not heard of Tibb’s Eve, please learn of it, have fun with it:; it is part of our heritage and part of our family.

Take Care

Have a wonderful Tibb’s Eve regardless what it means for you and your family.

(I am holding off on releasing the winner of the Christmas music poll as there is some time to vote, please read three blog posts down)



2 thoughts on “Tibb’s Eve!!

  1. “Well today is another Tibb’s Eve, a observance of many around the world….”

    Actually, Tibb’s Eve originated in Newfoundland, and you would be very hard pressed to find anyone who is not a Newfie (or married to one) celebrating Tibbs Eve. Of course Newfies are all aover the world, so I guess your statement is not truly incorrect!

    Happy Tibbs Eve!!!
    Bryan (a Newfie abroad)

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