A Children’s Winter and other seasonal songs.

This is a blog I wrote back in 2008, the three songs profiled here are from different backgrounds, One written by the late Dermot O’Reilly from Ireland (lived a great deal of his life in NL) Simani (from NL) and a rendition of Oh Holy Night by David Phelps (from the USA).  All three of these songs are worth reposting. Please forward this link to friends and family as some may be difficult to find on line.

Ron 2012
Well we are a few days closer to that special time of year, the radio ads are getting more intense and I know that the annual “Boxing Day Sale” is just around the corner!!! One thing I do like about the Christmas season in 2008, it is how accessible information is about Advent, Christmas, Tibb’s Eve, Boxing Day,and Mummering. All we have to do is Google something of interest and you will probably find it. Next week I will be posting another blog about Tibb’s because it has been the most visited post since I started blogging in late 2007, and I love it because it meant so much to my grandfather. I will also write about mummering as it is a huge part of Newfoundland culture and is observed in many countries around the world.

I digress, getting back to the accessibility of information for this time of year, I wanted to touch on some youtube selections that I think you would find useful. Please click on those that interest you and pass them on, especially a youtube clip from Dermot O’Reilly. Children’s Winter


The “Mummers Song” ,strikes a chord with everyone attached to out province or wish they were; it is innocent and reminiscent of the past. For those of you who have never heard it, please have a listen as it is still practiced in rural Newfoundland and is a delightful part of the full celebration of our Newfoundland Christmas.

Mummers Song

Now I do know I have been profiling local Christmas music but I would be remise if I did not comment on some others I love.

Please take a look at David Phelps version of Oh Holy Night:

On a closing note, I would also like to tell you about some wonderful sites that host Christmas music:

Seek and enjoy. If you know others please post them to me as you can never have too much Christmas music.

Take care.


3 thoughts on “A Children’s Winter and other seasonal songs.

  1. Hey Ron,

    How the hell are you.

    I trust you and yours are well and looking forward to the main man coming down the chimney.

    Trust all in Bay Roberts are keeping well and we look forward to the day our cousins come home to visit us !!!

    Keep safe and god bless to all the gang.


    Niall Ferns

    1. Greetings from Newfoundland Niall!!
      Thanks you so much for the comment.
      All is good here and yes, we are so looking forward to coming to the motherland. Christmas is upon up for sure and the children are indeed waiting for the main man to come. I hope all is good for you and your family and the season is filled with many fond memories.
      Take care and I look forward to seeing you in April. Perry also says a big hello to the big fellow!
      God Bless

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