Getting ready for Christmas and my favorite Christmas Author (Press here to comment)

The smells of baking, the sounds on the radio, the new access to sights and stories of the Christmas season via the internet give us a sense of this wonderful time of year. I love the preparations, the anticipation that is associated with everyone getting all excited to celebrate the most holy but yet the most commercialized time of year. I look around rural Newfoundland and Labrador and see the lights, and I read of the programs and events that help promote each community. It is difficult to totally embrace this time of year sometimes because for the hectic lifestyles we all live. Over the years I have been in search of books, TV shows, music and magazines that help me keep Christmas close to me. I do think this blog helps me “center” my energy to celebrate this season. I do have a small story to tell you regarding my search to find and get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Joys - Susan Branch
Christmas Joys - Susan Branch

I visited a book store a few years ago to look for a book filled with ideas of celebrating the season, there were many there of various shapes and sizes offering many ways to become embraced with this observance. I spied a small white book that for some reason I had to pick up, I think I liked the cover and the font it was so cute…(not sure if men can say cute, but I did *L*) after opening the publication called Christmas Joys by Susan Branch, I was captivated by the ideas of food and crafts, but I think the suggestions of how to make the holidays special your children had the greatest impact on me. I have been using the book for years but then lost it, I have to admit I missed it but thank God awhile back I found it again, (It was packed with the Children’s books!), I got reacquainted with it and thought I would try my luck so I googled to see if the author had a website. Well she do, it is just as informative as her books although I do like my hard copy. I e-mailed the site to ask if I could mention her in my blog, I was surprised to receive a reply so quickly, but the best surprise was that Susan herself contacted me. She agreed to let my link to the site and to mention her here. If you have a opportunity to visit the site I think you too will be impressed as much as I was (Thanks Susan!!).

In keeping with the Christmas season I would like to introduce my first official Christmas Poll, please vote for your favorite Christmas Song from a Newfoundlander and Labradorean, pass it on to your friends and watch the results.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well and you take the time to really enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.


One thought on “Getting ready for Christmas and my favorite Christmas Author (Press here to comment)

  1. Hi Ron:
    Thanks for setting up the poll, It is a really great idea, and who knew there were so many Newfoundland Christmas songs. That should tell how much we love Christmas!!

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