The beginning of Advent (press here to comment)

Advent Wreath
Advent Wreath

This week marks the beginning of the Season of Advent, a time of preparation and reflection for the coming of Baby Jesus. This year I took the time to research Advent and the Advent Wreath a little more; I found many interesting websites, most mention the origin of the Wreath dating back to pre- Christian Germany.

Regardless of when it started it has been a part of my “preparing” for the season since I was a boy. I can remember in middle school having to gather around the Advent Wreath every morning in the main hall of St. Columbus Elementary, singing songs and listening to scriptures read by the Nuns. Although we all loved the opportunity to get out of the classroom, this had a special meaning to me. The gathering around the wreath is still a big part of my family getting ready for the coming of the Christ Child. One of the candle holders keep breaking off so I trouble my friend Perry to keep coming down to fix it with his sodder gun. Well it broke again tonight, so I am waiting for him to come to the rescue yet again.

Advent Candles
Advent Candles

The preparation season, Advent, is just as much a major part of our home as the 12 days of Christmas. Probably more as there are not many who even know about celebrating the full twelve days of the Christmas , but that rant is for another day!!! Please take a look at the following links of this holy Advent Season and pass it on to those who celebrate it.

I do wish to make mention of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Nativity Collection

December 4-14 – Award-winning Nativity Set Showing
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 75 Central Street
Nativity Set collection “Come Let Us Adore Him” 5:30 to 9:00 PM

The display is open to the public free admission
If inclined, bring a non-perishable food or gifts for the “Gifts for Christ Christmas Tree” for the families in need.

It is an amazing presentation of Nativities from all over the world, you will be humbled and filled with the spirit of Christmas!!

Lighting Candles
Lighting Candles

I have found some interesting websites linked to Advent, the first one is from Wikipedia

I hope you enjoy the reading and the links.

God Bless



2 thoughts on “The beginning of Advent (press here to comment)

  1. Good Morning Ron :

    I just wanted to take the time to drop you a note of thanks
    for the article on the Advent Wreath and related web sites. It is always interesting to learn and appreciate how other cultures prepare for and celebrate advent and the Christmas season.

    Ilook forward to your blogs as they are always interesting and informative.

    Keep it up and blessings to you as you enjoy Christmas with your family and friends,

    Robert Parsons

  2. Hi Ron

    I appreciate your blog Ron and look forward to reading it. When our boys were small and before they all moved away from home, we always tried to keep the tradition of an Advent Wreath in our home. Since they’ve moved on, sadly I didn’t keep up the tradition. However, because of your blog and because we now have a beautifl baby granddaughter at home this Xmas, I’m going to make an Advent Wreath. We get so wrapped up in the gift giving aspect of Xmas that we sometimes forget the true meaning of the season. Thanks for reminding me.

    Keep the blog going – I love it.


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